Game Update - 10-31-18 Halloween event | Gmaul | Mbow (i)
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Halloween Event

Hello all, here is long awaited action in updates section. Today we have the launch of the Halloween event, which will be ingame for around a week from today. I'm not going to say all of the details about it, as it will eliminate the fun of doing it. But it starts in Lumbridge graveyard, It is initiated by talking to Brother Cedric, who is a monk standing near the graveyard.

There are some instances where you will be fighting enemies, and a boss YOU WILL NOT LOSE YOUR ITEMS IF YOU DIE TO THE BOSS! Just making that crystal clear!

The rewards for the event consist of, 
Jack-O-Lantern mask, and a broomstick as a garunteed reward for completing the event

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Optionally after finishing the event, you can fight the boss again and again, from which there will be a pet as a possible reward Wink aswell as a skeleton set.
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  • Bug fixes for Giant Mole
  • Bug fixes for Vet'ion
  • The Gmaul clamp which can used to create a gmaul(or) has been added to the Blood money shop, this will make a slightly stronger gmaul. This will degrade after 300 hits
  • Mbow enchantment scroll has also been added to Blood money shop, this will make a slightly stronger mbow
  • Mboxes are now stackable
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