Game Update - 11-02-18
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Hello guys! I'm glad to say that some interesting things have been done and I'm sure you guys will love!

First off, if you haven't checked the new landing page make sure to do at

Ground Item names

The ground name system was improved to be faster and way more detailed!

Items are grouped by name!
Item prices are displayed!
Items are now ordered by price!
Colors are based on item price!

[Image: CN7JTua.png][Image: OaGMiG3.png]


A bank chest was placed near Edgeville altar.
Nurse will now reset disruption shield timer.
Nurse will now cure with the left click
The altar cannot be used to offer bones now.

[Image: gXcSIHc.png]

Dragonfire shield delay was reduced to 10 seconds as polled!
Dragonfireshield should no longer spec without skulling the attacker.

Dwarf cannon can now be used at wilderness above level 10
The cannon will be dropped to the killer upon death.
Extreme donators can now use the Dwarf Cannon for 3 hours before it decays.


Wilderness slaying improves VIP tickets drop rate by 15%
Zombie pet is now untradable.


Trade screen has now deposit all button!
Players can now remove items from trade screen interface.
[Image: OtplsGE.png]

Extreme Donator Ticket

Extreme donator ticket was implemented, the extreme donator ticket is a tradable item that can be consumed to get Permanent Extreme donator rank, the ticket is rewarded to players who donate for $500 package and already has the rank.

Players may use the extreme donator tickets on other players and give them the rank, including Ironman accounts.

[Image: eEhkMGd.png][Image: G6eh1BW.png]

Wilderness Fishing

Players can now use the raw karambwans on fisherman at wild finishing spot in order to note the inventory for 50K gp

[Image: Wc3D41J.png]

Other improvements

A problem causing noted items to do not show the item market prices properly was fixed.
Pack yak pouch is now tradable.
Black d'hide body(g) was fixed.
Bonesack (e) is now tradable.
Now bank deposit equipment button will preferrer currently active tab.
Partyhats no longer will be rewarded from Premium Chests

Hope you guys enjoyed! More awesome things about to come!

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[Image: 7WQFbyW.png]
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  â€¢ Charlie, nikolas
Awesome update pb! cant wait for your future plans as they look dope!

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Extreme Donator tickets ?.
Nice update and also looking forward to the next update!
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great updates pb !
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very good PB great update
Solid update - Nice job!

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