Outfit Contest #11
[Image: Hl4BG5N.png]
What is ' Outfit Contest ' ?
Outfit Contest is an event where you dress up and compete on another people and win prizes.

How to participate?
Entries can be sent into my Discord. 
[Image: 0jEHrqM.png]

This is how you take a photo. Make sure you put " #OC 11 " anywhere on the photo, this is just an example of what it should look like

[Image: Z1em6kP.png?1]

This Months Theme is " Necromancer Staff "

Entries will only be accepted until 24th of November ( AEST ).
Voting will happen on another topic on the 25th of November.
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Good luck to all the participants!
Thank you for those of you Participated.
Voting will be up shortly.
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