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Outfit Contest #11 - Voting
Welcome to the Voting Page to pick one of these outstanding outfits.
In these photos you will vote on which outfit you think that stands out to win this month's Outfit Contest!

This Month's Theme was : " Necromancer "


[Image: M6lD1Hz.png]


[Image: Xr7snDc.png]


[Image: 4LwDa0E.png]

Rewards :

500,000,000 Gold Pieces

[Image: r0jfPn7.png]

Forum Userbar for 1 Month
[Image: outfit_contest.png]

If you create an account to vote on yours, you will be disqualified.

Do not vote on your own entry, otherwise you will be disqualified from the event.
Do not ask  people to vote for your entry, otherwise you will be disqualified.
Do not tell anyone which one is yours, otherwise you will be disqualified.

Votes from Guests will not be counted as vote in the event. 

Good luck to all the participants!
[Image: pAeyd1f.png]

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Voted #2.

Feel like they did the best job to match all colours without going down the generic route and the black full helm gives me a bit if a 'headless' vibe. Pretty neat.

Good luck to all participants.
[Image: tE95ycU.png]
[Image: YTOqpaU.png]

~Sigs made by Valar~
Voted #2 aswell, because i felt were the only one who tried to adapt the best to this month necromancer idea.

But to be honest i think they should have tried a little bit harder.
Congratulations to Yadkilowat on winning the outfit contest.
Thanks everyone that participated!
[Image: pAeyd1f.png]

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