Operation Combat Inflation
Operation Save the Economy

One of this server's largest flaws is it's incredibly inflated economy. There are thousands of "Rare" items in game, and the game has lost it's sense of achievement when owning the Best-In-Slot gear. Vines are as common as Rapiers, Party Hats are practically handed away, and the Donator Shop is a roll of the dice on some Chests.

My suggestion to help combat these issues is fairly straight forward:

BIS Gear / Premium Shop

Introduce 3 New Best-In-Slot Weapons to the Premium Store
[These Weapons Would be Untradable || And Cost Players 200k-300k Premium Points]

Melee Weapon: Alchemist Rapier (Golden Re-Color of Chaotic Rapier)
¤ Identical Stats to Vine Whip
¤ Any Runite/D'Hide/Staves/Robes/Dragon Drops from monsters will Automatically be alched and added to your Coin Pouch

Ranged Weapon: Hexhunter Bow
¤ Best-In-Slot Shortbow (in PvM similar to the current Vine Whip) balanced to be Slightly Higher than Alchemist Rapier's Damage per Second
¤ Can only operate using Dragon Arrows
¤ Arrow Animation is a Blue Arrow (Recolor of MSB Special Attack/Crystal Bow Arrow Animation)

Magic Weapon: Imperial Staff (Same Model as Celestial Catalytic Staff)
¤ Best-In-Slot Staff Damage (With an Extra Magic Damage % Bonus)
¤ Randomly switches between the 5 Barrage Spells, but Damage of these Spells is higher than Normal Casts
¤ Charged with Bloods, Deaths, & Chaos Runes [1-1-1 for 1 Charge]

All three of these weapons can be upgraded by using the following items on them:

Bonecrusher: Automatically burries bones, but awards you the prayer experience as if the bones were used on an altar.
1 Bonecrusher = 4,000 Charges

Charming Imp: Automatically collects and upgrades your Charm Drops 1 Tier [Gold > Green, Green > Crimson, Crimson > 2 Crimsons)
1 Charming Imp = 3,000 Charges

Bonesack: Automatically Banks and Doubles all Bone Drops
1 Bonesack = 4,500 Charges

The reason behind these weapons being untradable is to give value to the Premium Point Tickets. The only reason players buy them is for a handful of features - and to gamble on chests. By requiring these items to be purchased via premium points - the value of donations would increase incentivising more players to donate! The added effects of the 3 Consumables (Imp/Crusher/Sack) would add a sink for Participation Points or Premium Points in a pinch!

Non-Premium Players can still purchase the items, however they'd need to buy the Premium Point Tickets from other players - increasing the in-game demand and value of donations!

Another benefit of these items being untradable would be a combat to cleaned players dropping the server cold turkey. I'd say gambling is one of the biggest reasons for players leaving the server. By giving these players an extremely valuable item that they can never lose - players quitting after losing their tradable banks would have an incentive to stay!

Now to Address the Inflation: 

I'd like to suggest pulling all Rare Event Cosmetics that are currently in the economy out (reimbursing those players as you see fit). Then introduce a store (similar to Party Pete's Shop) where players can only trade in a pre-defined group of items. These items would not be available to other players, and once handed in - they leave the economy. Players would receive the points for handing in these items, and the points would be able to purchase classic Runescape Rare Cosmetics.

Pre-Defined Items that can be Traded In:

¤ Vine Whip (500 Points)
¤ Dragon Claws (200 Points)
¤ Armadyl Godsword (125 Points)
¤ Divine Spirit Shield (220 Points)
¤ Elysian Spirit Shield (30 Points)
¤ Zartye Bow (25 Points)
¤ Torva Pieces (100 Points)
¤ Pernix Pieces (50 Points)
¤ Virtus Pieces (50 Points)
¤ Bandos Chest/Tassets (5 Points)
¤ Armadyl Chest/Skirt (5 Points)
¤ Flameburst Defender (3 Points)
¤ Zentye Jewelry/Occults (100 Points)
¤ Armadyl Crossbow (50 Points)
¤ Hand Cannon (35 Points)
¤ Abyssal Dagger (25 Points)
¤ Chaotic Weapons (50 Points)

The shop would contain:

¤ Normal Party Hats (10,000 Points)
¤ Metal Party Hats (25,000 Points)
¤ Colored Party Hat (100,000 Points)
¤ Red/Blue/Green H'Ween (8,500 Points)
¤ Custom H'Weens [Orange/Yellow/Black/Brown/Purple] (20,000 Points)
¤ Colored H'Ween (85,000 Points)
¤ Classic Santa (10,000 Points)
¤ Colored Santa (100,000 Points)

This gives meaningful definition to the word "Rares" and creates a great item sink for popular inflated items!

Keep in mind the values and items are theoretical and are open to change!

Let me know what you think, and where you agree/disagree below!
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These are some amazing suggestions, and I 100% agree with the first half. The second half I don't not agree with, but I'm not personally a huge fan of the idea. With that being said, it's really not a bad idea at all and I wouldn't say no to it being added into the game.

Thanks for the thread, Cory!
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