Game Update - 12-20-18
[Image: CQCH2gL.png]

Hello Guys! I have gathered lots of players suggestions and applied for this update! Many more suggestions are 

Weapon Box

A new item is available at Participation Point shop for 50k points

The weapon box may reward weapons from tier 1 to tier 8, based on player's lucky

[Image: cJkl4ha.gif]

Tier 8 - 1/1000 or 1/900for extremes

Twisted bow

Tier 7 - 1/500 or 1/480 for extremes

Primal maul
Primal rapier
Elder maul

Tier 6 - 1/300 or 1/280 for extremes

Primal 2h sword
Primal longsword
Abyssal vine whip
Wilderness sword
Dragon warhammer
Kodai wand

Tier 5 - 1/100 or 1/80 for extremes

Dragon claws
Royal crossbow
Dinh's bulwark

Tier 4 - 1/50 or 1/30 for extremes

Armadyl godsword
Polypore staff
Zamorakian hasta

Tier 3 - 1/25 or 1/15 for extremes

Gold whip
Chaotic maul
Korasi's sword
Lava Whip
Armadyl battlestaff
Armadyl crossbow
Abyssal tentacle
Saradomin's blessed sword
Dragon hunter crossbow
Gilded hasta

Tier 2 - 1/10 or 1/5 for extremes

Bandos whip
Chaotic rapier
Chaotic longsword
Chaotic staff
Chaotic crossbow

Tier 1 - 100%

Dragon battleaxe
Abyssal whip
Granite maul
Dharok's greataxe
Dark bow
Bandos godsword
Zamorak godsword
Zamorakian spear
Zuriel's staff
Vesta's longsword
Statius's warhammer
Vesta's spear
Corrupt vesta's longsword
Corrupt statius's warhammer
Corrupt vesta's spear
White whip
Dragon sword

Skilling Tournament

Experience multiplier | bonus will no longer count towards skilling tournament, the point of skilling tournament is to reward hardcore skillers, rather than who earns more experience, otherwise it's a pay-to-win tournament.

The only exception is to weekend bonus experience, that is rewarded to everyone 


The chances of doubling the bone loot was changed to base on players rank:
Regular: 20%
Donator: 25%
Super Donator: 30%
Extreme Donator: 40%

Mystery Boxes

The mystery boxes was reworked, all rates were adjusted and many very exciting items are available!!

[Image: P9uj8hg.png]

Premium Ticket 100K - 1/5000
Colored Partyhat - 1/3000
Colored staff of lights - 1/1100

Christmas Cracker - 1/1000
OSRS Token - 1/1000

Colored ancient staff - 1/800
2b Coins - 1/600

Regular partyhats - 1/500

Premium ticket 5k - 1/500

Dark infinity pieces - 1/400
Light infinity pieces - 1/400

Advanced knowledge aura - 1/300

Dagon Hai pieces - 1/400

Void pieces - 1/300
Puzzle solver package - 1/300
Brawlers chest - 1/250

Coins (25m - 50m) - 1/200

Falador shields - 1/200

Ourg Bones - 1//150

Crystal key - 1/150
Uncut onyx - 1/150

Staff of light - 1/100
Rune Chest - 1/100
Barrow pieces - 1/100
Summoning Ingredients - 1/100
Cats - 1/100

Saradomin brew flaks - 1/80
Super combat flasks - 1/80
Magic flasks - 1/80

Helm of neitznot - 1/50
Amulet of fury - 1/50
Lucky items- 1/50

Coins (500k - 1m) - 1/30

General Resources - 1/10

Activity Reward

The activity reward was broken since Trading post due to changes on item prices, now it's fixed.

Players can only donate items to activity reward that are worth at least 5m

The reward tiers are defined accordingly:

Tier 7: 100m+
Tier 6: 50m+
Tier 5: 35m+
Tier 4: 20m+
Tier 3: 15m+
Tier 2: 10m+
Tier 1: 5m+

Ring of Wealth (i)

The ring of wealth (i) have now 40% of chance of doubling coins loot.
Any coins drop will be placed straight to player pouch.
The ring of wealth (i) improve Boss Pet chances by 5%

Pet Drop rates

The pet drop rates now can be improved by the following methods:
  • Voting in the last 12 hours will provide 5% boost on pet drop chances.
  • Luck pool will provide 5% of boost on pet drop chances.
  • Ring of Wealth (i) will provide 5% of boost on pet drop chances.

Those effects will stack, so you can get up to 15% improvement on rates easily.


The boss Rare Drops will now be announced on chat as used to happen.
Dagganoth Rex resources drop will now be noted.
God wars bosses drop tables were improved, lots of junk items were removed from them.
Giant Mole digging behavior was reduced to only 5% of chances of happening.


Twisted bow rarity was changed from 1/500 to 1/200
Nex pieces were changed from 1/200 to 1/80
Advanced knowledge aura was added with 1/10 chances

[Image: tvRuBXu.png]


The damage rendering system was reworked, so now whenever there are many damages on a NPC, they will no longer get off screen, the damages movement will now always accelerate to be centered upon the entity.

[Image: QWAMECa.gif]
Looting Bag

Items picked up while looting bag is open should go straight to the looting bag.
  • Only works when player is already over the item, whenever player walks the looting bag interface closes.
[Image: XmujjCx.gif]


Players can now zoom in and zoom out more than was allowed.
Warriors Guild Icons obtained from Party Store will now be equipped on the amulet slot, that way players can feel more comfortable making outfits.
[Image: pGhITah.png]
  • Note that items placed at arrows and ring slot doesn't render, so it's not a possibility.
The price of brawler gloves were increased on Skilling store since skilling points is way easier now.
Mutant tarn button at activity tab will now teleport to kill count portals.
Party teleport as added to activity locations !
Players can now prompt to stop warning about mutant tarn and ice queen entrance.
Players can re-enable the warning using the commands ::enable-warn tarn and ::enable-warn icequeen
Magic notepaper is now tradable.
Puzzle solver package is now stackable.
Iron, Tin and Cooper ores are now available at donator zone.
Familiars should now be hidden inside Party Room.
Fixed OSRS pets not being filtered on right click options when the setting is enabled.

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Another great update Pb! Keep up the amazing work.
nice uptate
Nice Update but now eco is bit too much messy...
Nice update Pb! Love the GWD Drop table adjustments!
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This is an amazing fucking update thank you Pb! Much love
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