WG Rework (Suggestions)
I would like to revive weapon game, but its so hard to do right now so i got some suggestions.

1. Make everyone be able to hit everyone, this really kills the game because low lvls cant join in ffa's and although they have a bad weapon if they die they get the weapon of the killers + get lp. To make it up maybe you could give the low lvls like 2 levels a kill to get them faster to 60?

2. Add new rewards from killing someone in weapon game
My suggestion is to bring like corrupted d claws,ags,rev weapons, etc that only last for 2 levels in weapon game. even if you didnt use the weapon to get the lvl.

3. Rework the store, right now the only thing u can get is the armour thats unique from WG, its only a cosmetic though so i would like to see something worth grinding for. The dwh can be obtained through shamans now. 

4. (if 1 doesnt make it through) Make a few npcs in weapon game to kill for low lvls so theres also a way to get to 60 even if it means u get 50% less lp than killing a player and get a reward.

Thats all i had in mind for now,

Feel free to leave any suggestions if you like.
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