Pb600 - Pb600  is very nice for the couple times i spoke to him. i think he's doing a great job as owner and great job running the server always helpful when something happens or doesn't work and listens to community feedback.

Sir Wizard - of what can i say about this guy generally 1 of the nicest people i've met on a rsps ngl.imo definitely the best staff member i met on this server and i'm happy to go to him with my problems and concerns whenever it's needed. thank you for all your help motive keep up the good work
Jaiz - Helpful but don't talk to him always

Mrlebeudry - very nice and helpful for the couple of times i went to him for help, always quick to reply and help out. keep up the good work.

Server Support

Charlie - not seen so much of Charlie lately. very funny chilled guy, helps when asked questions or when people need help keep it up bud
Niels -  very chilled fun guy to be around always a good person to talk to if you have problems or questions. he was the 1st person who started helping me with my problems did glad he's part of the staff team and i hope he gets far with it [img=22x22][/img]

[Image: 3ABDALLAH3.png][Image: Dragon.png][Image: No1Dicer.png]
Thanks for the feedback Dragon.
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Pretty great feedback on everyone Wink What about some constructive criticism? Hahaha
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