Game Update - 01-27-19
[Image: CQCH2gL.png]

Hello players! Sorry for the delay on the update but I'm sure that it was worth it!

Pet System

A new pet system was created, it collects all available pets in a single interface, allowing players to quickly spawn straight from it.
Now every time that you kill a monster or gain experience, you will automatically progress your Pets tasks.

  • Players that had pet items, may just spawn | drop it in order to unlock the pet in the interface.
  • Players may still gain the pets based on luck, as usual.
  • 30% of player's monster kill count will be added to pet's progress upon login.

[Image: rX4bFcj.png][Image: jis9vDR.gif]

The pets can be accessed from Summoning Orb
[Image: nxtskmo.png]

Squeal of Fortune

Squeal of Fortune items were reworked and chances works like new mystery boxes now!
Many items were removed and added to SoF.

[Image: x9qohug.png][Image: BbTeiPZ.png]

Drop Table

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Premium Chests

A new interface to display chests rewards in-game was created, players can open the interface by typing ::pchests
Lots of items were reworked on premium chests!
Tier 7 items will be more common now!

[Image: dp4PV2n.png][Image: KVJkz9L.png]

Colored Vine Whip

Colored vine whip will now be available through flash donation sales! (The messages that pops up with limited time donation sales)

[Image: 7n1LDoh.png][Image: 7Hp2rPC.png]

Premium Store

The description of Premium Chests were updated to describe how the new premium chests works properly.

Lots of premium store prices were adjusted.
  • Occult necklace was reduced to 20k
  • Amulet of torture was reduced to 35k
  • Tormented bracelet was reduced to 25k
  • Necklace of anguish was reduced to 30k
  • Abyssal dagger (p++) was reduced to 15k
  • Chaotic items were reduced to 10k
  • Glacor boots were increased to 35k
  • Zaryte bow was removed.
  • Phats and crackers were completely removed from store.
  • Zamorakian spear was reduced to 5k
  • Void set was reduced to 8K
  • Full dragon was reduced to 40k

  • Vet'ion boss was fixed, it no longer infinitely spawn the dogs.
  • A teleport to Kalphite queen boss is now available.
  • Fixed kalphite queen not dealing damage on second form.
  • Fixed a problem where players would retaliate monster attacks with auto-retaliate disabled.
  • God Wars bosses respawn time was reduced to 30 seconds, and the bosses will now re-spawn even if minions weren't killed.
  • Corporeal Beast respawn delay was reduced to 45 seconds.
The following bosses have now 30 seconds of respawn delay:

Tormented Demon, Cerberus, Mutant Tarn, Ice Queen, Jungle Demon, Giant Mole, Black knight titan, The untouchable, Slash Bash, Dagannoth bosses, King black dragon, Kalphite Queen, Thermonuclear, Kraken.
  • Nex respawn delay was reduced to 60 seconds.
  • All bosses should now count towards boss kill count, including wilderness ones.


A problem of woodcutting interruption when chopping level 1 trees was fixed.
A problem with fletching allowing to continue string bows with no strings in the inventory was fixed.

Quality of Life updates

Rune chests and Premium chests are now stackable
[Image: Iu3I5l7.png]

Trading Post will now accept players pricing items up to 30b rather than 15b.
[Image: Yq6dVjY.png]

  • Fixed mystery box not rewading any items sometimes.
  • Music cape (t) is now fixed.
  • Fixed a problem on 'deposit all' at trading screen, game will no longer attempt to deposit untradables spamming the chat with error messages.
  • Fixed a problem on general store not allowing players to sell items when inventory is fulll.
  • A vote reminder popup will appear to players that have not voted every 12 hours, showing all the perks of voting, it's really important to get lots of votes now in order to grow the game!
  • Now there's a 5% of chance of receiving an OSRS token when voting!
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Awesome update! Keep it up! Big Grin
Looks great PB. Thank you. I know your team also put in a lot of work testing and helping sort out the bugs. Shout out to them also.
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GREAT updates pb, really loving the stackable rune chests. Will be interessting with colored vine aswell.
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Solid updates, nice bugfixes, I like it Big Grin
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Amazing update! Great job!

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Thanks for the hard work.
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Wow these updates are literally what made this rsps so interesting to play, not to mention fun haha. Definitely staying.
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