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Hey everyone, my names Anthony, my ign is fat potato. Just started etherum this afternoon a few hours ago. seems like a really nice server. (btw is this grinderscape?) 
Just thought id pop in and introduce myself. i mainly hang around the wild and pure/main nh. 
these are the spoils from my first day from scratch :p 
[Image: cb541d0a05199058cbd87dc50a24d846.png]

I know the wilderness tends to be a bit dead when it comes to deep wild pking but im working on bringing some homies from another server we used to pk on and make it a bit more active. 
Wondering if i start up a cc if anyone would be interested in joining! let me know down below your thoughts and opinions! 
Planning to stay! -mr potato head.
Yes, PB600 is now the owner and named the server "Etherum".  

Looks like you have a good start on the server if you've only played for a few hours and have that bank.  Big Grin

Hope you manage to bring your friends to join the pking community.  

If you ever have any questions, pm me on any of the platforms Big Grin


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ah thanks for the welcome il be sure and pm you if i need help Smile

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