Hello, I'm Dragano
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Hello, my name is Dragano!

I've been playing RSPS's for years and years..
I just recently have come back into playing them, Etherum is amazing!!
I'm excited to see how much further this server will go, it has so much potential.
It's easy to skill, the community is good, and the market is easy to understand and work with.

A couple things I would like to see in Etherum in the future:
1. A more diverse market & economy
2. More pking potential. (I really like the blood coins!) Though, I think some more should be added
3. More population of players
4. More trading areas, and an updated Grand Exchange.
5. Interface changes. Updated special attacks, etc..

If anyone sees me in-game, don't be afraid to say hello!
I'm a nice guy and will talk to anyone...
I feel settled here at Etherum!
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- Carlo Sabino Dragano
Welcome to the game! Enjoy your stay. We communicate more on discord, so feel free to join it Smile https://discord.gg/b678Dt4
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Ingame Administrator Discord Manager / Spectrum Advisor/ OMM Leader Media Manager
Welcome to the server Dragano. We have a discord channel that is a bit more active then forums, don't be afraid to drop by and say hello if you haven't already.
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Welcome to the server, Dragano. Etherum is one of the best RSPS I've played. The owner is an amazing developer.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to pm me. Another great resource to check out is the wiki. It has tons of information to help out with questions you may have.

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Welcome to the server Dragano! Hope you enjoy your stay, I know I have. My name's Rose and my in-game name is Axel, so if you see me don't be afraid to say hello as well! This has been one of the only rsps' that I've actually stayed for a month+ in. It's very fun and just gets better everyday. Stick around and you'll see haha :p
Ign: Axel
Real name: Rose [Image: latest?cb=20160929003328]

Party Hat Collection:
 [Image: latest?cb=20120719062801][Image: latest?cb=20120719060257][Image: 350?cb=20120718133822][Image: 350?cb=20120719110656][Image: latest?cb=20120719112516][Image: latest?cb=20120718192132]
([Image: latest?cb=20170223184941],[Image: Black_partyhat_detail.png?deeed],[Image: Rune_full_helm.png?d2032],[Image: Adamant_full_helm.png?a8bce] & [Image: Iron_full_helm.png?24b0d])

Won outfit contest #13:
[Image: BvfCEFF.png]

Also, my feet don't work like they used to before:
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