Official Middleman Application : Adam
- In-Game Name(s): Adam

- Age: 20
- Timezone: 10+ GMT
- How often do you play, and will you maintain an increased level of activity if given the rank?: I play in afternoons, 6-7 hours each day | All Day on weekends and yes i will maintain level of activity.
- Why do you deserve to be in this group? Please list traits/attributes you believe sets you aside from others, along with a general description of why you believe you should be an OMM: The reason to come back into the group because i have the potential trust in-game to be one and and be on middle manning most of the days. I'm on the days when people are asleep or just early that cannot be on. Before i resigned i had difficult notices in real life with a job or anything but at the moment i'm good right now.

Thanks for reading my application

Proof :
[Image: pAeyd1f.png]

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Welcome back to the team Adam.

Saim or Sir Wizard will add you to ::checkmms when you and either of them are next both online.
[Image: tE95ycU.png]
[Image: YTOqpaU.png]

~Sigs made by Valar~

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