Shirou - Introduction
Hi, i'm Shirou.

Just another laid-back dude who enjoys spending some of his free time messin' about on RSPS's or BR's.
I currently live in Belgium, so my native language is Dutch but I do however speak fluent English.
I enjoy RSPS's and BR's as stated above, when it comes to RSPS's i'm a High-Risker at heart not much of a Gambler to say the least, (1/2)
I also enjoy achieving whatever there is to be achieved on an RSPS, hence "the Completionist" title in the signature. (2/2)
I'll wrap it up here seeing as there's not much else worth being mentioned, if you have any questions by all means message me or dm me on Discord.

Sincerely, Shirou.
[Image: sNmgz4E.gif]
Welcome to the server Shirou! my name is Rose, known as Axel in-game!
Hope you enjoy your stay.
Pretty sick that you're from Belgium, i'm from boring ol' california haha.
Also, i'm in love with your signature, especially the dragon ball z touch it has. :p
vegeta's always been my top favorite tho, sorry goku.
Ign: Axel
Real name: Rose [Image: latest?cb=20160929003328]

Party Hat Collection:
 [Image: latest?cb=20120719062801][Image: latest?cb=20120719060257][Image: 350?cb=20120718133822][Image: 350?cb=20120719110656][Image: latest?cb=20120719112516][Image: latest?cb=20120718192132]
([Image: latest?cb=20170223184941],[Image: Black_partyhat_detail.png?deeed],[Image: Rune_full_helm.png?d2032],[Image: Adamant_full_helm.png?a8bce] & [Image: Iron_full_helm.png?24b0d])

Won outfit contest #13:
[Image: BvfCEFF.png]

Also, my feet don't work like they used to before:
[Image: unknown.png]



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