You may have heard it or not, but I am resigning
You may have heard it or not, but I am resigning.

I Mainly want to resigning because I want to take control of my life. I've been Playing this game for a long time now and I have enjoyed every moment of it, But I realised That I have a whole life to live and I must do it because it is so short. So I want to reduce my playtime and the only way for me to do it is to resign from Moderator and Spectrum Admin. I am still going to help in game and in Spectrum cc when I  will be around but I wont play as much as before. It is time for me to keep moving forwards. I will always be proud to have been apart of the Staff team and I thank you all for the things that you have done for me. Keep doing the great work that y'all are doing! Love you all
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Ah man I did not see this coming.. Gonna miss you on the team man, hopefully we can keep talking in-game whenever you're on. Much love man and good luck irl!
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Honestly didn't see it coming either. Thanks for all the help & anything you did for us, but irl does come first. I'm sure we'll see you around & talk again in-game later. Have a good time & take care man.
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Didn't see this coming at all.. Whenever i was online, i usually saw you on too, just killin' it, and now seeing this, its unexpected, but i understand your reason. The community has and will always love you, you're GoodGuyNic, really hope to see you around and hope to still talk man.
Thanks for everything you've done for me, and the community.

Love ya man
It always sucks to lose a staff member. Nic you have come so far and you will be greatly missed. Was a pleasure to staff with you and I hope to see you around from time to time.

Take care and best of luck irl buddy.
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awwh Sad we'll miss you! xx
I was honestly shocked when you told me because you were doing so good and had so much potential. But I'm glad you want to take a step into adulthood and try to change bad habits. I'm proud of you.
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oh wow... for what it counts during the short time i have been a part of this rsps you have always helped me out unknowingly. meaning you’d give answers to questions i was too shy to ask at times thanks to someone else. anyway, thanks for everything and goodluck in all your future endeavors!
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saw it coming long ago jajajjajaja.

thanks for everything nic baby
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Oh for fuck sake Nic, unacceptable behaviour.

For real though, imma miss you, you were chill and it was fun calling you a prick everytime you logged on.

Take it easy with your life mate, you'll smash it.

Love you my french fucker xxxx
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