Game Update - 03-01-19
[Image: CQCH2gL.png]

Hey Guys! Today we need to restart game to apply some changes, so I'm bringing some quick updates as well!

  • More Ice trolls are available at Chaos Dungeon
  • Boss teleports are now ordered alphabetically
  • Frost dragons were added to 'Monster' teleport tab.
  • A big system on client to improve data fetching was created, we will use that for many things in the future, for now it will be used to update ground item prices smoothly!
  • Kalphite Queen (2nd form) has now stronger melee defence, weaker ranged defence and weaker ranged hits.
  • Fixed Bank presets deleting items that couldn't be banked (such as cash)
  • Fixed Giant Mole dropping the wrong dragon hatchet, the command ::replace will fix your wrong dragon hatchet.
  • The Cooking Range at donator zone is now fixed.
  • Elite void max hit bonus was reduced to match OSRS
  • Armadyl Godsword special bonus was reduced by 3% to match OSRS (it was 40%, while on OSRS 37.5%)
  • Armadyl Godsword special accuracy was increased by 25% to match OSRS (it was 75%, while on OSRS its 100%)
  • The damage bonus from Dragon Claws was removed to match OSRS, it's not supposed to have a global damage bonus, hence why it was hitting insanely high.
  • An improvement on Distance requirement calculation should make starting an attack from distance more smooth, 
[Image: JoJR3gy.gif]

Future Updates

Since this update didn't contain many changes, I'll talk about the future updates!

Recently I have been working on tools to very easily bring latest OSRS data into the game, check out what should be available in the future!

[Image: wcQOTro.png]

[Image: usfvzhX.png]

[Image: KacUbRF.png]
[Image: F2u9eM6.png]

[Image: dmQEQfT.png]
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Great update! Everyone panic sell your claws Wink Can't wait for the new bosses and items to come in!
Ooof, the future looks dope!

Thanks for the quick update and fixes, Pb!
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Excited for the future updates, for sure gonna enjoy those. Lookin great as always Pb!
Nice. We want the -AUTO RETALIATE- bug to be fixed though.
good job
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Cool update
[Image: Psychodual4.png]
awesome update. love that this rsps is constantly moving on to bigger and better things (quite literally)!
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Very neat!
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Damn dude, you got some mad updates coming! Good job, look forward to seeing this all implemented.

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