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idm, i'm a delusional skiller/pvmer.
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bring this in.

Alright so, we all know the stairs at west of mage bank lever (picture below):

[Image: X1KgOqV.png]

[b]What if we could add an underground dungeon, with some NPC's in there? Npc's can be anything. You may suggest what kind of Npc's should be in there. My suggestion is to add fiyr shades and ankous.

The npcs will drop a few valueble things, (suggest what it should drop), but the most important thing, is an ANCIENT KEY. This "ANCIENT Key "should be in a very rare droptable. The Key can be used on a 'ancient' chest, which can give u one of the PVP items ingame. (rates should be rare obviously) This key is auto lost, so if someone kills you, he gets it. Once the pker picked it up, it keeps announcing over yell where the player is running to so everyone can try and catch him.



[b]The whole reason for this, is to make singles wilderness, because as of now, there's no wilderness activity besides multi.[/b]

II. OSRS Skillcapes Effects
Attack : Free access to Cyclops area found upstairs within the Warriors' Guild.
Strength : Unlimited teleports to the Warriors' Guild.
Defence : Act as a permanent Ring of Life. This effect can be toggled.
Ranged : Act as an Ava's accumulator.
Prayer : Act as if you are carrying a holy wrench (this does not stack with the holy wrench or ring of the gods).
Magic  :Can cast spellbook swap 5 times per day for non-donators. The higher the rank, the more u can use it. +1 every promotion.
Runecrafting : Acts as all tiaras.
Construction : 5 daily teleports to any player owned house portal.
Hitpoints : 2x HP restore rate (does stack with regen bracelet, doesn't stack with rapid restore prayer).
Agility : Acts as a graceful cape, including weight reduction and set bonus.
Herblore : Nardah herbalist will create unfinished potions for you, for 200gp each. (Same as desert hard reward). Also gives a pestle and mortar.
Thieving : 10% better chance of succeeding when pickpocketing.
Crafting : Unlimited teleports to the Crafting Guild.
Fletching : Can be searched for a mithril grapple and bronze crossbow 3 times per day.
Slayer : Slim chance of being able to persuade a slayer master to reassign your last task.
Hunter : 5 daily teleports to black or red chinchompas.
Mining : 5% chance of receiving an extra ore while mining, up to adamantite (stacks with Varrock armour).
Smithing : Acts as goldsmithing gauntlets.
Fishing : Unlimited fishing guild teleports.
Cooking : Impossible to burn any food.
Firemaking : Acts as a lightsource.
Woodcutting : 10% increased chance of finding a bird's nest.
Farming : 5% increased yield from herb patches (stacks with magic secateurs).
Max cape: [i][b]Provides all of the above (unless combined with another cape, in which case no perks are provided). [/b][/i]
not really into pk'ing so i'm not gonna comment on the first suggestion but i love the idea of the second one! hunter and construction doesn't exist on the server but if/when they do these skillcape perks are very cool to add onto it.
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Won outfit contest #13:
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Also, my feet don't work like they used to before:
[Image: unknown.png]


As with the above, I don't really ever PK but I like the skillcape bonuses ideas. Althought half of them are useless in this game but still, a good idea in theory.
i Like both idea's! Good feature's! Support +1

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