LOOL suck me off bruh
i miss my league days so much wow. fiddlesticks was such a pain in the ass if he wasn't on your team tho lmao.
Ign: Axel
Real name: Rose [Image: latest?cb=20160929003328]

Party Hat Collection:
 [Image: latest?cb=20120719062801][Image: latest?cb=20120719060257][Image: 350?cb=20120718133822][Image: 350?cb=20120719110656][Image: latest?cb=20120719112516][Image: latest?cb=20120718192132]
([Image: latest?cb=20170223184941],[Image: Black_partyhat_detail.png?deeed],[Image: Rune_full_helm.png?d2032],[Image: Adamant_full_helm.png?a8bce] & [Image: Iron_full_helm.png?24b0d])

Won outfit contest #13:
[Image: BvfCEFF.png]

Also, my feet don't work like they used to before:
[Image: unknown.png]


bruh sometimes I come across a good one every few weeks sometimes months lol. just no one plays him anymore, I play game or 2 everyday lol. this rsps is a side game so I don't get too bored of league a lot of shit has changed on it tho.
Interesting lol.
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