OMM Application!!
In-game Name(s): D1cer

Age: 19

Timezone: Est ( Eastern Standard Time )

How often do you play? I currently play 6-8 hours a day. If given this rank i will surely be active and try my best to do as many mm's as i can per day, whilst leaving some time for myself! :p

Why do you deserve to be in this group? This group solely relies on being very giving! What i mean as giving is giving up some of your time when someone is need of an MM. I'm not scared to drop what im doing to go and help / mm for someone, i understand that people want these transaction as fast as they can! I've been working hard with some of the staff members and others to gather a good bit of MM's, dropping what i was doing to get a chance to get an MM! Some of traits are staying calm and collected in conflicts that approach me. Also, im not selfish so if someone is in need of an MM i will drop what im doing to go help them (this goes for anyone even if its not an MM). Lastly, im dedicated and dependable which is a very valuable trait!

Key Supporters: Thanks to Tyler for the application templateNiels, Charlie, Pureskillsbr and the Etherum Community for the support and all the help along this journey! Thank you for everyone's time and patience! <3

Here are some of the MM's I've done under overwatch!

[Image: JamessSS.png]

Welcome to the team, D1cer!

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