Game Update - 03-08-19
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Hey Guys! Today we are comming with tons of PK bug fixes and improvements!


1HP Bug

Recently we have started having issues with players always stucking at 1-5 HP and not dieing, a few issues were spotted that were causing that.
  • Stats restoring processing was moved to after damage processing, otherwise it would cap an attacker damage to 25, which was opponent's life, and before opponent process the damage, he would restore 1 HP and stay alive.
  • Damage absorption (such as prayer | armor absorption) processing was moved back to attacking time, rather than the time that damage was received.
    • Due to damage absorption being processed after damage was dealt, a damage that was capped to opponent's max life, would still be absorbed further that, not killing the opponent.
More Bug fixes and adjustments
  • Magic accuracy was slighly tweaked, we will let you guys test and gather a feedback.
  • The mage casting distance limit was adjusted to 10 to be like RS|OSRS.
  • The mage gap to unfreeze the target was increased, it should no longer happens that you freeze a running enemy and he will not be frozen.
  • Teleblock timer no longer will wear-off while logged off.
  • Teleblock will no longer effectively give experience, but will drop 85XP for full teleblock, and 82 for half teleblock. (That way players can know for how long opponent was teleblocked, like OSRS), experience will no longer be given because experience multipliers would change the drop values.
  • Fixed players getting unfrozen after using obelisk at wilderness.
  • Fixed a problem where players affected by multi-target spells, beside the original target, would not receive the spells effects, such as freezing.
  • Fixed a problem where players retaliating a multi-target spell would get skulled when they shouldn't.
  • The PJ timer at wilderness above level 6 or multi combat area is now back to what it used to be (8 ticks, compared to 15 ticks on edgeville)
  • The PJ timer against monsters were reduced.
  • Fixed a problem where when a player attacks someone who is just logging out, the player would successfully log out but his account would remain locked at wilderness receiving damage.
  • Fixed a problem where player would not follow targets upon attack command, if they were already in combat, or you were already in combat.
  • Fixed Colored Vine whip not hitting more than Vine Whip as supposed to be.
  • Fixed vine whip being actually weaker against slayer targets rather than stronger than usual.
  • All monsters above level 8 wilderness will now be aggressive.

Damage Drop

Now there will be a damage drop near XP drop area at wilderness, showing the amount of hit dealt
[Image: DSDurgy.gif]

Target Focus

A new setting called 'Target Focus' is available, when enabled, it will force right click 'attack' on any entity that is not your current player target.
That should help avoid miss-clicking when other players are walking around your opponent.

[Image: FWI4H3U.png]
[Image: i1AQ8di.png]

  • Wild bosses will no longer chase players too far from spawn point.
  • Callisto will no longer knock and stuns too frequently
  • Giant Rat animation at varrock wilderness was fixed.
  • Battle mage at mage arena was fixed.
  • Players can now exchange Stardusts for Participation Points from the Star Sprite next to the observatory.

Future Updates

Weapon Game rework

Lots of plans for weapon game, such as new game modes, more weapons, etc.

Map Editor
  • Players will be able to edit maps and that will be the beggining of Construction skill, players will be able to edit maps to contribute to making new maps for the game!

Clans Rework
  • Board should contain general clan information.
  • Stats should contain PK stats, slayer stats (current task) and skilling levels (yes clan will have all skill levels available)
  • Notes will be like a forum tab, where players can write posts and others can reply.
  • Members tab will show current clan members, allowing ranked players to manage ranks, mute, ban, etc.
  • Ranks tab will be managed by the owner, where he can create custom ranks, and set what each rank will be able to do.
  • Settings will be general clan settings.

[Image: HkRHhzj.png]
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Nice Update
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Wish dharoks would be fixed and ice barrage would hit more than 39 max in 175 magic bonus other than that looking good
awesome update! hella excited about editing maps and the construction skill introduction. also excited about the forums bit via clan chats. plus stardust can now be useful? amazing <3
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Won outfit contest #13:
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Also, my feet don't work like they used to before:
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Nicely done
Amazing updates as always Pb! Thanks for giving some love to the colored vine <3. Keep it up and have a nice weekend!
Nice update.
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Dope stuff as usual Pb. Looking forward to future updates.
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Amazing update. Thanks Pb.
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