In-game name: gf 1v24

Punishment: ip banned

Appeal code (only given if banned): 31688

Name of staff who punished you: saim

Do you regret your actions? yes

ok so this started at yanille, someone who's called "u die dude" asked me why do you buy 07 gp, i said "to rwt, then get 200$ and use on condoms" it was obv a joke, then saim jailed me and asked me why do you rwt it's agaisnt the rules, i wanted to troll (im known as a troller) him and said "i don't sell them by myself i give the money to friends and they sell it" and then i was about to say "sike dude Tongue, i would never break the rules + i dont want to get banned on runescape lol" but he banned me right before i said that, i understood that i did a big mistake by trying to troll with something so important like that, i really apologize and will never say that again, im sorry.
and the only proof i have is that when i started playing etherum, i sold 110m 07 gp, so i can make bank on etherum, then i bought back about 60-90m 07 gp, and after that i sold another 100m 07 for etherum again.
im sorry for what i did again and i apologize for the mistake i've made, i will never do it again, thank you for your time and understandings. hope you really help me out. Smile

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