Forum Rules
Golden Rule: Use common sense.
The severity of each punishment is ultimately decided by each staff member. All cases are dealt with on a case-to-case basis.

     Color Code: Green > Acceptable, Yellow > Minor Offense, Orange > Major Offense, Red > Zero Tolerance

Appealing a punishment
If you feel that you have been punished on the wrong merits or unfairly, we urge you to create an appeal in the appeal section. We ask that you structure your appeal properly.

Please include:

·        Punishment type.

·        Weight/Length.

·        Why you were punished.

·        Why you regret your actions.
We also ask that you stay calm and collected throughout the entirety of your appeal. Failing to do so will lead to your appeal being ignore

Posting in the wrong section
We are all human, mistakes are a natural part of learning. Posting in the wrong section is a simple fix for any staff member. We do, however, ask that you try your hardest to post your threads in the correct section.
Punishment type: You will not be punished. 

Other Languages
English should be the only language used on the forums. While it's certainly allowed to use other languages to receive assistance if English is not understood, we will ask that it be kept to a minimum and the private messaging function be used for those situations:
Punishment type: Thread/Reply deleted
Weight: 1 infraction > 2 infractions > Restricted posting

Spamming the forums in any form, be it simple post-boosting, double-posting or excessive flooding, will be punished.
Punishment type: Infraction
Weight: 1 points

Discussing illegal activities
Etherum wants to promote a safe, online environment for everyone, and as such, discussing potentially illegal activities will be punished. Potentially illegal activities include, but is not limited to: Drug abuse, theft, invasion of private space (…). Discussing the aforementioned with strictly academic purposes in mind, such as during a debate, however, is acceptable.
Punishment type: Infraction
Weight: 2 points
Excessive profanity
An almost natural part of being human is using profanity as a means to show frustration. This, in and of itself is not a punishable offense, but keep it within reason. Throwing a tantrum with excessive profanity that may potentially be disturbing to your fellowmen, will not be accepted. 
Punishment type: Infraction
Weight: 2 points

Posting on threads that are bordering irrelevance serves as spam, and will, therefore, be treated identically. 
For a post to qualify as gravedig, certain conditions must be met:

·        The post must be on a thread that has been inactive for 14 days and said thread must not stickied. If a thread is stickied, the timeframe in which you can post on the said thread is extended to 4 months. 
To keep confusion away, if you are unsure, we ask that you PM a staff member to clarify whether you can post on a thread or not. If you want to revive a thread, we ask of you, that you do the same. 
Punishment type: Infraction
Weight: 2 points 

Boosting means that you are gaining an unfair advantage of acquiring stats, such as thanks or post-count. If you are caught participating in such activities, your forum account will be penalized by your post-count or 'thanks' being removed.

Racism, sexism, and prejudice
We live in the 21st century, and the aforementioned should be things of the past. Sadly, they are not. All three are primitive, hurtful, and highly offensive ways of treating other people and has no place on Etherum. 
Punishment type: Ban
Length: Three-day ban, followed by a seven-day ban, then permanent posting restriction.

Disrespecting your fellowmen
Vital to any healthy environment is treating your fellowmen with respect. When partaking in a discussion, make sure to be reasonable. Reply in a suiting matter without making things revolve around the person, but rather the case at hand. Personal attacks will be treated with absolute zero-tolerance.
Punishment type: Infraction
Weight: 2 points

Buying/Selling/Sharing accounts
On Etherum we do not allow the buying, selling or sharing of accounts. This is prohibited as it causes long-term problems regarding punishments and general account safety. 
Punishment Type: The first offense will result in the account being disabled so the owner can recover, and the second offense is an account ban.

Inappropriate usernames:
Your forum name shall not contain any profanity, racism/derogatory terms, sexual nuances, or an excessive amount of spaces between characters. If you are to break this rule, a moderator will contact you regarding it being changed and will be changed shortly after by a forum administrator.

Impersonating staff members
Exploiting other members by posing as staff as a means for personal gains is unacceptable and will be treated with zero-tolerance. 
Punishment type: Ban
Length: Permanent

Punishment evasion
If you are caught evading any punishments you will be permanently banned by IP, no questions asked. 

Advertising another server hurts Etherum as a whole and will be treated thereafter.
Punishment type: Ban
Length: Permanent.

 We reserve the right to edit these rules at any time without informing you.

It is your duty to actively check the rules, as you will be held accountable for your actions.
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