New Server Supporter and Moderator promotion
Hello everyone.

Today we have decided to promote Sma11zplz To [Image: server_support.png]  Server Supporter. Ryan has been doing a great job once again lately and is no stranger to the staff team. We're all delighted to welcome you back.

Along with Ryans promotion, we're also promoting Charlie to [Image: ingame_moderator.png] Moderator. Charlie has done a great job while he has been a Trial Mod and we're sure he'll do great as he takes on the next step in his Etherum career 

Both Charlie and Ryan live in England and will primarily be helping in this timezone.

As with all promotions, both members will be on a 2 week trial period.

Congratulations both.
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Congratulations to both. Well deserved Smile
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Congratulations Ryan. Shoulda been given elite mod but you'll get there! Congratulations ol charlie. Climbin the ladder.
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Congratulations guys, well deserved.
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Forgot to post my congratulations, but congratulations!
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Oh my, congratulations ryan. Now my confusion from last time seeing your content designer logo is solved haha.

Also grats charlie!
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oh wow congratulations guys! hella deserved indeed.
i know i've only been on this server for like two seconds but these two are always helping people out!
very kind and very deserving.
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Real name: Rose [Image: latest?cb=20160929003328]

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([Image: latest?cb=20170223184941],[Image: Black_partyhat_detail.png?deeed],[Image: Rune_full_helm.png?d2032],[Image: Adamant_full_helm.png?a8bce] & [Image: Iron_full_helm.png?24b0d])

Won outfit contest #13:
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Also, my feet don't work like they used to before:
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