Potential Bug Or Hacked... Not sure
I struggled getting permission to post but now that i have it i need some help. Today about  2-4 hours before this post i was playing etherum on my account "Tweva". I'd been grinding some slayer points and got tired so i went to switch games for a bit and run to the gym. When i came back i was shocked. The last thing i did in game was go to bandos and log out in the bandos room to be ready for the last task i got. So when i logged in i could get straight to it. Much to my surprise though i wasn't in the bandos room when i logged in. i was standing next to the trade post @ Home. All my gear was still on. Inventory still set up for bandos but i was missing my whip. Nothing else. Just missing a weapon of all things. I'm like ugggg i must have got hacked... but why didn't they take my Torture or or steads ect ect. Just the whip was gone and i was moved. Multiple things ran through my head as to what could have happened. "Maybe i died after logging.... but no i would have only had 3 items in my invy and one of them would have been my whip." "Maybe i got hacked... but only for vine?" Made no sense... So i'm assuming a rollback bug or some kind of bug has to do with this. I'd love an answer but all i'd really like is a refund. I'm not rich by any means and i've grinded for everything i have. So to lose my moneymaker (my weapon) is kinda a damper on the game. If i can't get a refund i will be quieting since it's just not worth the amount of time i've invested to grind out a vine whip to do it all again. If not a refund i'd at least like an answer as to what happened. If it was traded it should be in logs. If it was dropped it should be in logs. I just would like to know how this happened so it doesn't happen in the future to other players.

Event timeline....

  1. Went to DZ to grab a boss task.
  2. Got a bandos task so went and geared up at the center bank in the main bank area at :Big GrinZ
  3. Teled to gwd and got my 5 kc
  4. Ran inside and helped a guy clear the room so i could log out.
  5. Logged out in bandos room
  6. Logged in next to trading post @home with everything but my whip.
These are just screenshots of my preset that i use for pvming out of wildy and in wildy respectively. It also shows my equipment tab of what i logged in to. You can search my bank and invy. I'll be afk in game till i get an answer. Also a picture of when i bought my vine whip and if you have the ability you can see i never sold it.

Thanks for dealing with my long report but i enjoy this game. I just don't enjoy it enough to grind out my vine whip again again. that's why i've put some much time into this post. I just have been a mod on multiple servers and know people try and get free stuff. I'm not that person i really have no idea what happened to my vine whip. Hope to hear from you guys soon. I'm one unlucky MF. If you have any more questions i'm most active on discord and can be contacted @ Trevor#3436. I'm in the etherum discord.
Yikes man. Somebody should be looking into this soon.
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Resolved in game.

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