Client Not Connecting to Server
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Sent this to Pb600 but I know hes busy so im just reposing what I sent to him, maybe someone else can help me with the problem? I used to play this server awhile ago, my RSN is Vitamin, let me know if there's anything you need me to do. Also my firewall or security measures aren't blocking anything.
Hi, Not sure if thats the problem, but try this client
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(04-07-2019, 12:19 AM)Psychodual Wrote: Hi, Not sure if thats the problem, but try this client
Ive tried every single client known to man, its not the downloadable clients issue.
Can you press ctrl + alt + L when your client is loaded & you tried logging in a couple times please?

Send me screenshot of what that gives either here or at discord, Niels#0234

[Image: 68Q2sNu.png]

It should look like this ^
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Im getting this same error. I sent the console bug log. It says err_conn(5).
Try disabling ur firewall.
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PB has found an issue and repaired it. You should now be able to login.
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