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Master of Slayer Buff
Just a suggestion, constructive criticism is welcome!

After grind 200m slayer, or 20th prestige and 200m slayer, I believe there should be a reward for this other than the master cape.

I do not only believe this should involve slayer, as every 200m cape should have a perk, however, this thread is to get a jump on that.

Suggestion:  After 200m slayer is achieved, the slayer master cape should allow you to choose your task, as does the slayer VIP tickets, with 5 - 6 options instead of 3 - 4, as well as use it multiple times per day.. 5?  10?

Please give feedback on this suggestion!  Thank you!

- Wise Old Man
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  â€¢ ShiroKurai
Not a bad idea, would definitely like to see more perks being added to master capes (after 20 prestige +200m)

Support for 5 uses a day.
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I like this. People that grind for the 200m xp should definitely be rewarded better.
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