Game Update - 04-10-19
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Hello Guys!

Today I'm glad to announce that we are implementing on of the most wanted content!
After today, lots of aspcts of the game should change with the implementation of new items and the Zulrah boss! The best effort was done to make Zulrah 100% like RS, with a few extra perks!


The boss is instanced, like Cerberus, which means that everyone that wants can do Zulrah at the same time.

How to get there?

You can teleport to the island by clicking the world map (Ctrl + T), go to Bosses teleports and then scroll down to Zulrah

[Image: 4uJe30e.png]

You will be taken to Zul-Andra where you can board the boat to Zulrah.

[Image: 7dxh8jJ.png]

Here you will find a bank booth for a quick restock in between trips to Zulrah

[Image: NuOxhvl.png]

When clicking on the boat an interface will pop up to choose which possible patterns you want it to be.

[Image: d1e9MIx.png]
  • Ticking off a pattern will reduce your drop rate by 25%
  • Ticking off 2 patterns will reduce your drop rate by 50%
  • Ticking off 3 patterns will reduce your drop rate by 75%
[Image: OyYS73i.png]

Items lost upon death

The items lost upon death will appear next to the boat!

Entry Fee

The Entry Fee to start an instance at Zulrah is 20M, no matter how many patterns you tick on.
[Image: mx6sjMN.png]
[Image: 2BCLYgj.png]

Ironmen Entry Fee
  • Ironman: 2m
  • HCIM: 20k
Once the Fee is paid you will be taken to Zulrah.
Based on the patterns you ticked on you will now be able to fight Zulrah.

[Image: 9wad62L.gif]

Drop table

[Image: wpqFWRh.png]

New items from the top left to the right order.
  • Tanzanite Mutagen – used to recolour your Zulrah Pet/Serpentine helmet and unlock the blue Zulrah
  • Magma Mutagen – used to recolour your Zulrah Pet/Serpentine helmet and unlock the orange Zulrah
  • Suffering Elixir – used to create the ring of suffering (i) by using it on a ring of suffering 
  • [Image: ytN1ist.png]
  • Suffering revenge Elixir – used to create the ring of suffering ® by using it on a ring of suffering
  • [Image: JHCuRLB.png]
  • Magic Fang – Use it on a Staff of The Dead or Trident of the Sea to create a Toxic Staff of The Dead or a Trident of The Swamp
  • Tanzanite Fang – Use a chisel on this to create a Blowpipe
  • Serpentine Visage – Use chisel on this to create a Serpentine Helmet
  • Zulrah’s Scales – Use them on a Blowpipe, Staff of The Dead, Trident of The Swamp, Serpentine Helmet to charge them.
  • Zulrah Teleport Ticket – Keep it in your inventory when you click the boat to board to Zulrah, the ticket will be a free entrance. The tickets are stackable like mysterious boxes. 
  • [Image: KotOFwl.png]
  • WildWyrm Teleport Ticket - Teleports you to the Wildy Wyrm in Wilderness, this only works when Wildy Wyrm is spawned 
  • [Image: 18BL5eU.png]
  • Dragon Dart Tips – Use them on feathers to create Dragon Darts. Use the darts on your Blowpipe to charge it.
You will be rewarded with various drops after killing Zulrah and a global boss killing message will pop up.

[Image: BpHWbWO.png]
[Image: t6MbH6O.png]

How to respawn it using scales

You can respawn Zulrah without leaving and having to pay entree fee again by clicking on these rocks.
[Image: OsKUSwE.png]

The price to respawn Zulrah is 20 scales for everyone except for extreme donators, which will spend 10 scales.
[Image: uaI2UdP.png]
[Image: a3nh8aL.gif]


This is a stronger form of poison that players and monsters suffer after they are successfully envenomed.
  • Zulrah and its snakelings can inflict venom.
  • Players are able to inflict venom upon an enemy by using a Trident of the swamp, a Toxic staff of the dead or a Toxic blowpipe.
The splat is dark green instead of light green like poison.

Curing the venom

Drinking a dose of antipoison will convert the venom to regular poison, which starts at the same damage the venom had. Drink another dose of antipoison to fully cure the poison.
You can also cure yourself completely by drinking one dose of anti-venom and provide immunity for 1 minute.
Anti-venom+ provides immunity to venom for three minutes.
[Image: rIoP8oj.png]
List of monsters immune to venom but venomous weapons will inflict poison damage instead
  • Chaos Elemental
  • Dagannoth Prime
  • Dagannoth Rex
  • Dagannoth Supreme
  • Demonic gorilla
  • Giant Mole
  • Kalphite Queen
  • Kraken
  • TzTok-Jad
  • Vet'ion
List of monsters immune to venom AND poison
  • Callisto
  • Cerberus
  • Commander Zilyana
  • Corporeal Beast
  • General Graardor
  • K'ril Tsutsaroth
  • Kree'arra
  • Mithril dragons (with the exception to be poisoned via Smoke spells)
  • Lizardman shaman
  • Snakeling
  • Smoke devil
  • Venenatis
  • Zulrah

Creating the Antidote | Antivenom

Toadflax + coconut milk + yew root, requires 68 herblore.
It cures poison, and provides a longer immunity than super antipoisons, lasting for 9 minutes.
Irit + coconut milk + magic root, requires 79 herblore.
It cures poison and provides the second longest possible immunity to poison, which is 12 minutes.

Antidote+ + 15 Zulrah scales, requires 87 herblore.
It gives immunity to poison for 12 minutes and immunity to venom for one minute.

Anti-venom + antidote++, requires 94 herblore.
It provides immunity to poison for 15 minutes and venom for approximately 3 minutes.

[Image: zgD0dU1.gif]

Weaponry that can inflict venom

For EVERY cast/hit by these weapons 0.66666667 scales will be consumed.

If you die with any of these weapons/items in wild, ALL remaining scales used to charge the weapon/item will be dropped on dead.

Toxic blowpipe
  • A two-handed dart weapon that requires 75 ranged to wield.
  • You can make it by using a chisel on a tanzanite fang, requiring 53 fletching
  • You have a 25% chance of inflicting venom on your opponent using the blowpipe.
  • If your opponent is an NPC and you wear the serpentine helm there is a 100% chance of envenoming them
  • If the blowpipe is not protected upon death, all scale and dart charges will appear on the floor alongside the blowpipe
  • If the blowpipe IS protected upon death, ALL scale and dart charges will be maintained when you respawn
  • You can/have to charge the blowpipe with Zulrah Scales and darts (maximum 16,383) to use it, poisoned darts do NOT work
  • Dragon darts are the best ammunition for the blowpipe
  • The blowpipe has a special attack, Toxic Siphon, which increases damage by 50%, while healing the user by half of the damage dealt. This consumes 50% of the player’s special attack energy
[Image: lB8FFSA.gif]

Trident of the swamp
  • Requires 75 magic to wield
  • Made by using a magic fang on an uncharged trident of the seas with a chisel, requires 59 crafting
  • Each cast requires Zulrah’s scale as said above.
  • You have a 25% chance of inflicting venom on your opponent
Toxic staff of the dead
  • Requires 75 attack and 75 magic to wield
  • Made by using a magic fang on a staff of the dead, requires 59 crafting
  • You can charge it by using Zulrah’s scales on it
  • You have a 25% chance of inflicting venom on your opponent
  • If your opponent is an NPC and you wear the serpentine helmet there is a 100% chance of envenoming them
  • When a combat spell is cast, there is a 1/8th chance that the staff will negate the rune cost for the spell.
  • When dying with the staff, any scales that were used to charge it will appear on the floor along with the uncharged staff.
  • In addition to the standard elemental spells, the spells Magic Dart and Flames of Zamorak can be autocast by this staff. 
  • [Image: TgxLhqL.png]
  • The staff offers an attack speed of 6 when using melee, which is the same as weapons such as the abyssal whip
  • When using magic spells the staff offers an attack speed of 5, which is the same as all spells, except for trident of the seas or trident of the swamp

New items

Serpentine helmet
  • A degradable helmet made by using a chisel on a serpentine visage, requires 52 crafting
  • Requires 75 defence to wear, its defence bonuses are comparable to those of the Barrows helmets
  • It has the highest strength bonus of all helmets
  • You can/have to charge the helmet with Zulrah’s scales, 11,000 scales to fully charge it.
  • If you die with the helmet, just like the blowpipe, all scales that were used to charge it will appear on the floor along with the uncharged helmet
The helmet provides 2 passive effects
  • When equipped, the helmet will grant immunity to venom and poison
  • The opponent has a chance to be inflicted with venom for every successful hit the player does, provided that they are not immune to it. (This only works on monsters)
Better chances of inflicting venom when you damage a monster with the helmet equipped:
  • 1/6 chance if using a non-poisoned melee weapon
  • 1/2 chance if using poisoned weapons
  • 100% chance if using the toxic blowpipe, trident of the swamp or damaging spells with the toxic staff of the dead
Coloured serpentine helmet

You can use mutagens dropped by Zulrah to recolour the serpentine helmet into one of its two colour variants:
  • Using a magma mutagen creates a magma helmet
  • Using a tanzanite mutagen creates a tanzanite helmet
These colour changes are purely cosmetic

Serpentine visage
  • Obtained from killing Zulrah
  • If you use chisel on it you can create a serpentine helmet, requires 52 crafting
  • You can dismantle the visage to receive 20,000 Zulrah’s Scales
[Image: YpeDZqh.gif]

Ring of Suffering Elixir

Ring of suffering (i)
  • Created by using a Suffering elixir on a Ring of Suffering
  • Will provide better stats
Ring of suffering ®
  • Created by using a Suffering revenge elixir on a Ring of Suffering
  • Will provide infinite recoils
Ring of Suffering (ri)
  • Created by using a Suffering elixir AND Suffering revenge elixir on the same Ring of Suffering
  • Will provide infinite recoils and better stats
[Image: iL1OTnL.gif]

Stats of the ring of suffering (i)/(ri)
[Image: oVekng8.png]

Zulrah pets

The Zulrah pet can be rewarded or unlocked by killing it 3,000 times, you can check your killcount towards it by right clicking the summoning icon near minimap and then clicking on “view pets”
[Image: J9C3qIh.png]
[Image: aR5auqt.png]
The coloured Zulrah pets can be unlocked by using the Tanzanite Mutagen (blue) or Magma (orange) Mutagen on your pet
[Image: e3mO3io.png]
[Image: 8RnMew3.gif]

Creating darts (via smithing) to charge blowpipe

You can now smith dart tips in order to create darts to charge your blowpipe.
Bronze, iron, steel, mithril, adamant and rune dart tips are smithable.
[Image: YTFEPVQ.png]

Dragon dart tips can’t be smithed and are only rewarded from pvm drops.

These monsters/bosses drop dragon dart tips:
  • King Black Dragon
  • Frost Dragons
  • Red Dragons
  • Black Dragons
  • Blue Dragons
  • Green Dragons
  • Tormented Demons
  • Bronze Dragons
  • Iron Dragons
  • Steel Dragons
  • Mithril Dragons
  • Revenant Dragons
  • Zulrah
You can check the drop tables via quest tab -> Tool icon -> drop table
[Image: IGVJLNi.png]

In order to make the darts you have to use any type of dart tips on feathers which rewards fletching exp.
[Image: jSSVV5I.gif]


Here you can see a really good guide about Zulrah Rotations

[Image: 2g6oirse2wny.jpg]


Black mask will now randomly be dropped during slayer tasks, at same rate as Balmung
Duradel and Kuradal may now assign Desert StrikeWyrms as task.
Zulrah was added to Boss slayer master

Lots of Slayer Monsters drop tables were reworked:

Banshee set has been added to the droptable of Banshees:

[Image: 4DLElqp.png]
Ankou set has been added to the droptable of Ankous:

[Image: ZifBbVZ.png]


[Image: TcKv04P.png]

Aberrant Spectre

[Image: 4T5s77P.png]


[Image: XGYHHRj.png]


[Image: 8lzXhZT.png]


[Image: 4aryzwk.png]

Green Dragons, Red Dragons

[Image: Wt1134i.png]

Black Dragons

[Image: CdiGLVb.png]


[Image: Iz86Leb.png]

Spiritual Warriors

[Image: dKt7kUL.png]

Other reworked NPCs: Bronze-Steel Dragons

All of the monsters below will now have a chance to drop Coconut Milk and Yew Roots.

Spiritual Warriors
Fire Giants
Jungle Strykewyrms
Lesser Demons
Abyssal Demons
Black Demons
Dust Devils
Greater Demons
Spiritual Mages
Dark Beasts
Infernal Mages
Desert StrykeWyrms

  • Fixed Vengeance not working when players were using an uncharged Eye of Warrior, Mage, etc ring.
  • Items death keep priority are now based on game market prices! That will keep items keept on death 99% more accurate than before without maintainance!
  • Now players switching to staff will no longer run to the enemy bashing it, when player switches to staff the game will now ignore the 'prevent combat interruption' feature, and will interrupt the combat even while this feature is enabled (since when switching to staff player want to enable a spell before attacking again, otherwise the result will be follow the player to perform a melee attack with the staff) 
  • [Image: GgSR4Uz.gif]
  • Fixed players following the enemy for single spell casts.
  • Fixed player dealing an extra mage attack after disabling auto-cast.
  • Fixed a problem where players would still follow a killed NPC after they respawn.
  • A huge issue where only NPC melee defence stats were being considered on combat! This should affect some bosses out there when ranging and maging.


Venom hitmark is now available.
Now OSRS hitmark version support purple hitmarks (healing) as well.


Darts can now be smithed and crafted with feathers!
Antidote+ and Antidote++ potions can now be mixed, they will provide 9 minutes and 12 minutes of anti-poison effect.
The prices of some high level grimmy herbs were increased on the store as they will be more common on drop tables.

  • Tormented demon will no longer use protection shield while protecting from melee!
  • The tormented demon drops were improved. (Lumberjack set was removed, satchel items were moved to skilling shop)

Some improvements on account registering for newcommers.
Hardcore Ironman icon was changed to the proper one (dark red)
Trident of the Seas was removed from clue scroll rewards
Trident of the swamp was removed from clue scroll rewards
The Trading Post price limit was changed to 130b (current pouch limit)
Hardcore Ironman has now 200 bank spaces available and now they can donate for extra bank spaces.
Trickster helm visual issue was fixed.
The message about ring of recoil shattering is now red.

PS: Due the fact that Trident of the Swamp was inserted improperly into the game and it was quite easy to be obtained, and it's desirable by most players that it remains valuable, in order to keep Zulrah Grind worthy, all in-game Trident of the Swamp were converted to Trident of the Seas.

That's the end of update notes, however I'd like to emphatise how helpfull our server supporters were to develop these content precisely, a huge thanks to Mike for testing and helping understand how Zulrah works, Niels for writting the Zulrah updates notes and many others!
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What an amazing update. Nice job to all involved.
Good update. Keep it up Smile
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Nice update PB.
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Amazing update! Thanks for all of everyone's hard work!
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This is amazing. Very nice and detailed patch notes aswell, can’t wait to try out Zulrah when I get home later!
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Insane update! It was worth the wait as always Big Grin. Time to camp Zulrah!

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