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Respected Rank Nomination - Mrlebeaudry
Respected Rank Nomination

I always admired Nic, for always being a good person inside the server, in several aspects, never looking for a fight, never seen him flaming, always being friendly and respectful to everyone, even after his resignation, he continued showing his efforts within the community, and helping players constantly, daily.

I've known Nic a long time, and he was always been an example of a player, even before he obtain any in-game rank, so I think he deserves this rank.

Good luck brother! Smile

If you think Mrlebeaudry deserves this Rank then please vote yes and leave your reasons below.
If you think Mrlebeaudry does not deserve this rank then please vote no and leave your reasons below.
Any votes that don't come with a valid reason will not be accepted.
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  â€¢ Mrlebeaudry
Nic's been an absolute legend since he first joined and he's one of the handful I have a huge amount of respect for. He has my vote.
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  â€¢ Mrlebeaudry
Probably the easiest thing I've ever voted on. It's a yes from me.
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  â€¢ Mrlebeaudry
BIG yes from me, surprised nic wasnt given it already. his a good guy and a well respected member of this community.
Absolutely no.

Reason: dunno

For reals: Yes i guess, I dont personally know him other besides from Jail 2 but he has been active for quite a while so i would say it would be deserved.
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Voted yes
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Never really had more than a 1 or 2 line conversation and you seemed cool. Voted yes

I mean.... obviously. Wink
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I voted yes, Nic has been a huge asset to the staff team while he was a staff member and even after resigning still being the kind and gentle person he is & helping out where he can. He sure does deserve this.
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Yes because even after his resignation, he wasn't active less than before and he is always helpful when needed Smile.

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