Game Update - 04-14-19
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Hello Guys! Today we are coming with some long time necessary feature!

Price Checker

Price Checker feature is now available from equipment tab!

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[Image: yVfbMsj.png]
You may also press 'Search' button and type an item name to search for the respective items that have a market price set!
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Bank evaluating

A new 'Evaluate' option is available at general bank tab, now players can check the total of bank 'market price' value.
[Image: 3yDkMHN.png]
[Image: 6XIp8QA.png]

The evaluate option is also available on single tabs (Take care to do not collapse the items by mistake!)
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[Image: Ro07JyF.png]

Items lost on Death interface

The items kept on death interface was improved slighly.
  • Now it should display an aproximate value of items lost (based on market price)
  • Now it should display the max keept items amount.
  • The Items spacing were adjusted to fit into the interface.
[Image: AclZfDN.png]

Colored Boxing Gloves

A new colored boxing gloves item is now available, players can gain it from $500 flash sales or Tier 7 Premium Chest

[Image: nKiUjIZ.png]
[Image: KHJPuiw.png]
[Image: 68PPZXI.png]

  • Fixed Slayer VIP ticket and other slayer rewards being dropped under zulrah position upon death.
  • Fixed Zulrah Charlie pattern where Range South was only dealing two attacks rather than 5.
  • Fixed players being able to re-spawn zulrah before it dissapears (causing to appear two of them)
  • Fixed zulrah sometimes stop aggressing player.

Drop Table

Niels has worked on boss drop tables, those are the changes

K’ril Tsutsaroth
Staff of the Dead added – droprate 1/200

Commander Zilyana
Saradomin Tear added – droprate 1/100

Jungle Demon
Twisted Buckler added again – droprate 1/250

Slash Bash
5-10 Hand Cannon shots added – droprate 1/10

Staff of the dead droprate change 1/100
100-150m Cash pile droprate change 1/150

Fixed item ID of uncharged Trident drop to Trident of the Sea

Dagannoth Rex
Berserker ring (I) added – droprate 1/150
Warrior ring (i) added – droprate 1/75
50-100M cash loot added – droprate 1/200

Dagannoth Prime
Seers ring (i) added – droprate 1/250
50-100M cash loot added – droprate 1/200

Dagannoth Supreme
Archers’ ring (i) added – droprate 1/75
50-100M cash loot added – droprate 1/200

Ice Queen
Tome of Frost added – droprate 1/800
Seers’ ring (i) droprate change to 1/100

Nex minions
Glaivens/Ragefires/Steadfast Boots added to Fumus/Umbra/Cruor/Glacies , different droprates depending on which minion comes first available to kill to last to kill.

King black dragon
Rune gear, black dragon hides & dds removed
Dragon chain, dragon boots, dragon skirt and dragon legs added.

Sea Troll Queen
Eye of the ranger/warrior/mage added to droptable, 1/150 droprate.

Crazy Archaeologist
Droprate on ranger boots, range tunic and ranger gloves has been reduced

Seers’ ring (i) droprate change to 1/50
D claws droprate change to 1/100

Chaos elemental
Occult amulet has been added – 1/500 droprate
Chaotic maul and Chaotic staff have been added – 1/200 droprate
Fury (or) has been added – 1/100 droprate


Infinity pieces, magic wands and magic book has been added to the droptable
Looting bag has been added to all wilderness bosses droptable.

  • The black screen issue (opon login) should be fixed.
  • Toxic blowpipe and some other zulrah items, have now an artificial Market price, until the market price is properly calculated.
  • Some players were having issues to log-in (saying that it had troubles to login), it should be fixed now!
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Awesome update, nice work Pb brother! Big Grin
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Great updates pb keep it up <3
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Didn't realise there was an update but what a great timing.
Nice Work
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Nice update.
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Awesome!! The price check button is prob the best thing about this update! Keep it up and shoutout to Niels for working on the drop tables Smile.
Cool updates i buy that color boxing next week i think
Solid update, nice work.

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