Game Update - 05-26-19
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Hello guys! Today we are launching some equick updates! Hope you enjoy!


Now the big fireball projectile will be slower.
Acid pools are now properly instanced.
Zombified spawn will now spawn at a minimum of 6 distance from player.
Vorkath teleport is now available at activity tab.
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Prayer Issue

An experimental change on server core was performed to prevent players receiving damage when activating prayer at the same tick, however this can bring unexpected behaviors.

The issue was related to pid (player A deals 50 damage on player b (xp drop), player B process prayer activation, but damage was already dealt and XP dropped) 

Now all player actions are processed before all players behaviors, means that server will first process all players 'clicks|actions' then later server will process all players behaviors, such as combat.

This change will also make switching faster (since items will be equipped before opponent attempts to deal damage)

Damage Capping

Damages will no longer will be capped to current opponent's life points, meaning that you can hit 80 on a player that has 50 life points, and if that player heals 20 Life points in the same cycle, he will still die.

Spec Teletab

As requested and polled by players, a 7 seconds timer was added that prevents teleporting right after using a special at wilderness.

Katagon Gauntlets

Katagon gauntlets remains tradable on the noted version, however it will not save upon death on top of many expensive items.

Master capes (200m capes) 

The master capes no longer have wield requirements, meaning that once you reach 200m on a skill and prestige up, you will be able to use it after reset your levels back to 1.

Teleport Favorites

Now players are able to favorite teleports from teleport interface and quickly access them on Favorites section!
The favorite section will be first opened section in case player has favorites added!

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Magic Secateurs

This new farming item is available at Skilling store for 15K skilling points.
When equipped the magic secateurs will increase the crop yield bonus by 1-4 extra herbs.
The magic secateurs will automatically clean the herbs and note then. (Player must have enough herblore level to clean, the experience earned will be slighly lower than manually cleaning the herbs)

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[Image: xCzHwtc.gif]


The Reaper that appears upon death will appear on player's instance.
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Really like the way the magic secateurs work, gonna be a grind to get them tho..
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Good work Smile
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Nice update!
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hopefully pvp will be better, if not then gg.
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