Game Update - 05-28-19
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Hello guys! Today we are launching a new exciting game content!

Collection Logs

A collection log system was implemented and now players can track all of their obtained items!
The items will only be achieved from now on, it's impossible to track old player's progress on that!

The collection log is accessible from Desk Tab ("Information")
[Image: KMRAR9V.png]
[Image: UP4guNl.png]
[Image: z6zFIuO.png]

[Image: dBfqTc5.gif]

The items of each section will only be unlocked when earned on that specific section! Meaning that getting a dragon claws from Callisto, will only unlock it there, and not on Tormented Demons!


The entry price was reduced for Ironman and Hardcore Ironman, they are also based on player's rank.
Fixed vorkath having a melee defence lower than Mage and Ranged.


The barrows rewards were slighly improved, this is what you can get after a few trips

[Image: a7totoU.png]


Magic Secateurs was added to Skilling tasks rewards.


Fixed fight caves map bugging out.
Fixed infernal and dragon harpoon animation
Fixed dragon axe drops on ancient cave, it should drop dragon hatchet now instead, ::replace will work to fix the wrong dragon hatchet!
Fixed a problem where inventory interfaces would scroll when using mouse wheel inside game screen.
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  â€¢ Niels, Jaiz, Blake, Charlie, nikolas
Huge thanks to Jaiz, Charlie, Mike, Nikolas and supporters to help building up the collection items!
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The following 3 users say Thank You to Pb600 for this post:
  â€¢ nikolas, Jaiz, Charlie
Awesome to see you pumping out this update so soon after the last, great work Pb Big Grin
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awesome updates at a lightning speed
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Spectrum Highlists
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Random Pictures
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Old Signatures
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Glad to be able to help. Looking forward to trying to fill.rhe collection log.
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Nice updates.
Are you currently working on Dragonfire ward stats?
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