Feedback & overview of the server
It has been a while since I have made a feedback thread about our Etherum staff. Since returning on April of 2019, I have been playing the game consistently while also observing what is going on within the game. Before I continue with my feedback on the staff team, I would like to address my overview on this server by far. I am not addressing any personal problems of a staff member because that will spark up drama. I do not have a personal vendetta against any of the staff members, for those with assumptions. This is just a disclaimer for those who think it will be that way.

Overview of the game

I can say this for myself and for other people as well that this server has the potential to grow. The problem is that the server has been poorly managed by the staff team throughout the time I returned. One of the current issues we have is the lack of middlemen and staff members in a specific timezone. Most of, if not all, of our staff members and middlemen are in the European timezone. There are usually a few players who want to sell RSGP at the time I am on, while only Adam is the only known player that can get on at the time. But just like any other human, @Adam will always have something to do IRL, so he should not be depended on for an OMM transaction. There are no staff members on for the duration of my day (my timezone is GMT +10). For a server that keeps at about 200 players, a staff member should be available to keep check of rule-breakers and especially the players who seek help. 
One issue that I know for sure that is being solved is the continuation of consistent updates. As of late, updates have been coming and going and Pb has been addressing suggestions from our community. I trust that he will continue to listen to our community in order for our game to improve and strive to become the best. We can never get another developer like Pb, but hopefully another developer can be able to assist Pb with future updates and bug fixes. That way, if something in-game were to crash once again, the other developer can fill in for Pb to fix the issue. 

Staff feedback

Overall feedback: I have to say I am disappointed with how the staff team is organized right now. There are only a few staff members who get on to actually help our players and address situations. The root cause of the quality of this team is the activity of the members. I hope this issue is addressed and will be resolved. However, I am glad that some of our staff members reply to their private messages on Discord. At least there's a platform where we can interact with a staff member when we need one. 

[Image: FpKlVBZ.png]Jaiz
- I am glad that he is one of our administrators right now. Despite having to be on for some time, he helps in-game with certain problems such as account recoveries and token swapping. I see him as our most active admin at the moment. I just hope that he continues to be consistent and find the time to be there for our players and our game. 

[Image: FpKlVBZ.png]Saim
- Although a lot of people (especially myself) sees him as one of Etherum's leaders, that has not been the case lately. In my opinion, most of his activity has been devoted to 07 than our server. I appreciate that he actively responds to Discord messages, but he needs to come in-game more to help our players. I see improvement as he has been going in-game lately to help out, but I hope to see consistency in the future.  

[Image: FpKlVBZ.png]Sir Wizard
- As much as I have been long time friends with Nic, I believe this is his time to go. Since returning, I have never seen him at all, even at most times I forget he is one of our admins. It is pointless to hold a position without fulfilling your duties, especially being a crucial part of the staff team as an administrator. He should be demoted if no signs of improvements are shown. 

[Image: 1HvjfE0.png]Dannyx
- Since returning, I have only seen him around twice. Most of the time, I stay up late at night to play the game, but I still do not see him around. I have only seen him log in earlier today but logged out almost immediately. His activity needs to improve. We realize that there are personal issues that needs to be addressed with our staff, but as I mentioned with Nic, being a crucial part of the staff team requires a lot of attention towards your duties. I hope his activity improves. 

[Image: Died3.gif]Charlie
- One of, if not, the best additions towards the team. Since returning, I see Charlie around most of the time actively helping our players and hosting events and activities for our players. It is great to see a staff member engaging with our community. He is serious when needed to be. The one flaw that he has right now is consistency, and like most of the staff members in our team, that needs to be improved. Keep up with the activity. 

[Image: Died3.gif]Niels
- I generally see him as another one of our consistent helpers of the staff team. When I see him on for a while, I see him helping our players and that is a great sight. He needs to do this more often because I see his activity deteriorating gradually, and that is not a good thing to see. Some of our players notice that he only goes on to vote, then logs out. We hope to see less of that in the future. 

[Image: trial_moderator.png]Jamess
- Since returning, I have been seeing him around helping other players. He was also the first staff member to approach me in my return. I was excited that he was promoted to Trial Moderator because I felt that he deserved the promotion. As of late, I am starting to change my mind. Recently, I have not seen him around to help our players. His lack of activity hurts his credibility, especially since he was the latest in-game promotion for the staff team. I hope to see improvement from him soon.

[Image: server_support.png]Sma11zplz
- Ryan has been a veteran of the game. I honestly did not expect he would return and become a staff member once again. However, his activity at the moment does not prove that he is capable of keeping his position, despite being on a trial. I do not know how long trials last, but I hope the staff team keeps track on the trials of an upcoming staff member. 
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It's refreshing and nice to see this sort of thing every so often as it helps make you realize what could be worked on to improve as not only a member of the community, but as a Staff Member also. Appreciate the Feedback, Kyle.
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Thanks for the feedback, Kyle. It's been a while since a feedback thread has been written by anyone and it's especially nice to see a well designed and colour coordinated thread.

As an admin of Etherum I have to say myself I have taken a bit of a step back from the game. I'm not always up to date on current price checks but as I've progressed through ranks I've seen myself do more of the 'back end' work for want of a better phrase. Like you said this includes token swapping, recoveries, dealing with hackers from time to time. My work schedule got busier and has damped my play time during the day but I'll always do my best to hop on momentarily to reset a pass, remove a vote penalty or OMM when possible.

It would be pretty hard for me to argue with you about staff TSO's as of late. It seems everyone got busy all at once, be that staff members, OMMs or spectrum ranked members. I'm not going to excuse or state why some players activities have dropped (some more then others) they can address that themselves if they reply to this thread. I do hope all of their TSOs and mine improves once again as I do belive we have a solid staff team who work and communicate very well together.

I'm also excited for all of PB's updates, be that past or upcoming.

Once again, thanks for the thread.
Thank you for the feedback Kyle. We always value feedback from fellow players. I know my activity hasn’t been the best as of recent. But that is going back to normal now. Thank you again.
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Always nice to see some feedback, thank you for this one Kyle. I have been getting reaaally busy again irl lately due to the end of the schoolyear coming up at school. As a teacher atm almost all my time goes into final classes, school meetings, exams, correcting tests/tasks & grading stuff + I workout when I have some spare time. And basically if I get a day "off" like today, I have to go work somewhere else due to irl reasons with a passed away family member.

I'm afraid my activity will still be like this (mainly just voting/discord rewards) for another 5-7 days, after that 90% of the irl/work stuff should be sorted out and my activity will go back to normal.

Appreciate the feedback tho, I'm hoping to get it back as it should be as soon as possible.
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Totally agree with your this, great feedback Kyle!
In addition to the OMM situation, I'm GMT+1 and also here it's really really rare to see any mm online.
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Pretty much agree with all of this, well said Kyle and as Jaiz said well put together. As stated in the post, the most accurate statement is the staff teams Time spent online, would love to see every staff member be a little bit more active. Unfortunately i also agree with the fact that Nic should either step down/ or become way more active, I do understand that admins shift to "back end" server work, but i cant remember the last time I saw Nic online. NO hard feelings Nic.
Can't wait for all the future updates that PB has in store for the server.

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