Game Update - 05-30-19
[Image: CQCH2gL.png]

Hey guys! Today we are coming with a game changing update!

Resources Area

The resources area is located near the Mage Arena at wilderness.
In order to enter the area, you must pay 2,5M, 250K for ironman and 25K for hardcore ironman.

While training in the arena, player will earn bonus experience, that stacks with all other possible bonuses.

Bonus Experience: 50% XP boost during week and 2x Experience during weekend.

[Image: c3dVKr7.png]

You may Peek and see the activity inside the area!

[Image: hGTXgH9.png]

In case you logout from inside the area, you will appear outside when logging-in back!

Piles will note the resources for 2K gp each, 1K for ironman and 500gp for hardcore.

Gem Rock

In the area you are able to mine the gem rock, it will give random uncut gems!
It requires a mining level 60 and gives slighly more experience than adamantile ores.
[Image: abXraIU.png]

Adventurer's path

Lots of rewards on the adventurer's path were buffed!
The OSRS token reward was changed to 24 hours, with 200 coming in-game daily, its hard to keep swaping on...

[Image: IDmltL7.png]
[Image: aR2xCi2.png]

Drop Changes

We have been working on improving drop rates, however we figured that our drop roll system, was not accurately dropping the items according to the displayed rates at Drop Table, so the drop system was reworked to function more precisely.
You will notice that most drop rates were improved, however the ones that seem to be harder, actually aren't due to the new system.

Note: If there are 5 items with the same rate, lets say 1/100, it means that in 500 kills it should drop an average of 5 random pieces, not 5 of each piece!

Note 2: Some players have been a bit confused about the drop rates and how they work so although I feel it's been fully explained, I'd like to clarify that just because you already have 1000 (example) kills on a Tormented Demon (another example) that does not mean you're now due claws. Nor does killing 100 more guarantee that you will get claws. The 1/80 drop rate means there is a 1 in 80 CHANCE that you will get that drop on that kill

Here is a simulation of same drop table & rates on old and new system:

[Image: 5lJBbOc.png]

[Image: nOBOfsj.png]

The torva pieces on old drop rate was 1/80, so it gives an average of 8 pieces in 1000 kills

General Graardor

Bandos Whip from 1/120 to 1/80
Bandos pieces from 1/40 to 1/20
Shards from 1/15 to 1/10
Elite Clue scroll from 1/100 to 1/80
Hard clue scroll from 1/22 to 1/18
Added 10-20 uncut dragon stones at 1/5
Added 1-3 uncut onyx at 1/13
Added 20-80 uncut diamond at 1/3
Changed coins to 5m-10m at 1/8

[Image: uSBxFgH.png]

Commander Zilyana

Armadyl Crossbow from 1/100 to 1/70
Saradomin hilt from 1/70 to 1/40
Saradomin sword from 1/40 to 1/20
Shards from 1/15 to 1/10

Added 1-4 uncut onyx at 1/15
Added 20-30 uncut dragon stones at 1/5
Changed coins to 8m-13m at 1/12
[Image: W5ZqKHX.png]

K'ril Tsutsaroth

Zamorakian Hasta from 1/300 to 1/250 
Staff Of The Dead from 1/200 to 1/250 
Zamorak Hilt from 1/50 to 1/40 
Zamorakian Spear from 1/40 to 1/25 
Noted Combat Potions *amount from 5-10 to 15-20 
Added Coins drop of 5-10m 1/9
Added 1-3 uncut onyx at 1/13
Added 20-80 uncut dragon stones at 1/5

[Image: o38xrPB.png]


Armadyl hilt from 1/80 to 1/65
Clue Scrolls (elite) from 1/66 to 1/50
Armadyl set from 1/40 to 1/25
Changed coins to 5m to 15m at 1/10
Changed uncut onix to 2-4 at 1/10
Clue scroll (hard) from 1/40 to 1/25
Raw rocktails changed from 50-150 to 100-200 and rates to 1/12
Dragon bolts (e) amount changed to 100-500 and rates to 1/5
Changed coins to 5-15m at 1/10
Added torstol seed at 1/2

[Image: mt4wfbV.png]

Tormented Demon

The tormented demon table was improved a lot, even tho the rates have incrased, with new drop roll system, they are more precise according to what is being displayed on the drop table, right now, the tormented demon should drop in average 1 dragon claws for every 80 kills!
[Image: GPaR984.png]

[Image: Aejxxgj.png]

As you can see, 1000 kills divided by 80 = 12,5

Compared to 1000 kills on the old drop selection system (where it was 1/28)
[Image: 3LaERdt.png]


[Image: mBeWizx.png]

Jungle Demon

[Image: HRmKUdO.png]
Ice Queen

[Image: 3fxWY7U.png][Image: Pnez0xW.png]

Black Knight Titan

[Image: 7hbm1GN.png]

Sea troll queen

[Image: UF8BVLg.png][Image: A11UnwN.png]

Kalphite Queen

[Image: Yo1Ro91.png]
Dagannoths Prime | Supreme | Rex

[Image: Vhwr9mD.png]
[Image: Cx5GwCN.png]
[Image: fPdpuVC.png]

Slayer Monsters

Slayer monsters has received some resources on their drop tables.


The following monsters have their respective wearable masks added to their drop tables.
  • Greater Demon
  • Lesser demon
  • Jungle demon
  • Lizardman shaman

We are now logging the rare drops so that we can have better statistics of what should be adjusted on next updates.


As voted by community, armor absorption statuses will no longer count at Wilderness.
Some features to help debug a fight instance were created, hopefully some of our pkers will be able to investigate if there is any issue with prayers currently

  • Player collections unlocking will no longer be announced for players at the Wilderness.
  • The status of the Tanzanite helm and Magma helm were fixed, they are exactly like regular Serpentine helm now.
  • Fixed an issue where spawned tormented demons wouldn't display head icon until the next switch.

We are also working on some other features that soon should be released such as Mage Arena minigame and Flasks decanting, stay tunned!
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