Game Update - 05-31-19
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Hey Guys! Just dropping some quick updates to fix some issues.

Tormented Demon

The tormented demon seems to be exausting and slow to kill, while we want to keep its mechanics like original RS, some features were created to make it more 'comfortable' to face the beast.
  • Now Darklight has a special attack that will deal real damage and disable the demon shield, even while it has melee protection, the special requires 60% of energy and provides 100% accuracy boost.
  • Now Steel titan has 70% of chance of dealing a Ranged damage type when opponent is protecting from melee.
  • The demons initial prayer icons not showing when arriving the area is now really fixed. (about the time)

Drop Tables

Some bosses were sometimes not dropping any item if they didn't have a frequent drop table, so far this has addressed and some adjusts and improvements were performed on the following monsters:
  • Vorkath
  • Callisto
  • Scorpia
  • Slash Bash
  • Cerberus
  • Chaos Elemental
  • Chaos Fanatic
  • Corporeal Beas
  • Giant Mole
  • Tortured Gorillas
  • Demonic Gorillas,
  • Lizardmans
  • Mutant Tarn
  • The untouchable (quite a few improvements)
  • Wyverns
  • Zulrah
  • A problem where game couldn't withdraw coins from pouch at wilderness was fixed. (resource area)
  • Fixed a problem causing game crash.
  • Fixed Dragonfire ward stats.
  • The wilderness key chest is now working properly again.
  • Scorpia cave entrance is now working properly again.
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  â€¢ Niels, nikolas
Good to see consistent updates and bug fixes. Keep it up mate. (y)
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Solid bugfixes, good job Big Grin
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