Fight Caves Guide
Hello dear players.

Today I'm providing you all a small guide for fight caves, from where you can "safe spot" until jad.

Tip: For those who don't know, you can farm tokkuls by doing 1-13 or 1-17 waves and leaving on respectives last waves mentioned. Farming tokkuls is used to obtain kiln cape easily, also onyx ring, uncut onyx and others items from tokkuls shop at fight caves.

Until Jad:

Well though, as you can see on screenshots, there is a black hole/blot/fail thing inside the cave, there is the place you should stay up, to be "safe spotted" by those 3 kind of monsters. (I really don't remember which wave you should stand up there, but basically when the big mage monster appears.)

image 1: [Image: dqqYs]  [Image: uEtG0X2.png]
image 2: [Image: vLGku]
[Image: cFWg8Os.png]

The spot is south of the entrance, a little south of the middle points, you'll find a failure graphic there. (YOU SHOULD BE IN THIS SPOT FROM WAVE 31, this wave is when Ket-Zek appears, the magic big monster)

Video 1:

At Jad wave:

When Jad appears, at wave 63, you need to be prepared with the prayer book, and must pay attention on what act it does.

image 3: [img][Image: dXs8o][/img][img][Image: dXs8o][/img][Image: I8zHCK3.png]
image 4: [Image: M2sU2][Image: QF2YMpW.png]

video 2:

You must pay attention on it acts, when he Jumps (image 4) it's range protection.
When it bows, and a ball of fire comes to you (image 3) it's mage protection.

Also there is a tutorial video made by @Saim

I hope you all enjoy this small and basic guide for fight caves.

Best Regards,

[Image: BSmVnCa][Image: BSmVnCa.png]
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