Absence during Summer
Hey guys

I know I haven't been that active lately, real life has been consuming too much time again regarding one of my family members having cancer and other stuff. 

But this post is mostly to announce that I won't really be active the upcoming weeks/month either.

I will be leaving on a 10 day trip to Spain tomorrow night, where there is no wifi where I am staying so I can't bring my laptop to hop on once in a while either. I'll be back around the end of July for a couple of days, but then I have a 3 day festival coming up where I also won't be home from & i'm leaving the next day on a week trip to France, I'll be back for a couple of days when I get home, but after that I'll also be going on a camp starting on the 18th as a soccer instructor, so I should  be active again at the end of August.. That is if my family member I mentioned about in the first sentence has not passed away yet by then.

I discussed it with the staff team if I should resign to not hold an inactive staff role, but they wanted me to explain my situation in a post and rather keep me around instead as I'd still love to help the server out again when I get back afterwards. 

I hope you all have a magnificent summer and enjoy it to it's fullest. Talk to you guys soon!

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Sorry to hear about the Family stuff, Niels. I know what it's like and it's really awful. Wishing nothing but the best on that part.

As for the rest, hope it all goes well and you have a great time man. Smile
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have fun


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