Wiki Editor Application - Psychodual
- In-game name: 

- Do you have any previous experience editing with html/BBcode?
I have a knowledge about html, but not something very extensive, same as BBcode, but I can work better with BBcode.

- Have you made any guides? If so Link them here.

Thieving Guide (old):

Money Making Guide:

- Why should we let you on the wiki team?
Because I have willpower, and would like to work on updating in what is not up-to-date, it may be as little detail as possible, a
lso because of my knowledge of the game.
I would love to help the game in more ways, even more in passing more knowledge to the players, as there's not many wiki editors at the moment, I would like to help.

- What do you think editing a wiki is all about?
A place where you put your game knowledge, and share it with other players that don't know and are needing help.

- Do you have anything else you would like to add to your application?
I would love to try to fix the price list, as the prices change constantly because of the PoS, it would be a little hard, also to keep the wiki the most useful and updated possible, and constantly update pages/guides when there's a change.

- Do you have a Discord account? (If not are you willing to make one)
Yes, Magnata#3442.

Thanks for reading my application.
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Denied -

Thank you for wanting to help - the wiki definitely needs some help maintaining the endless amount of pages it has.  We have decided to deny you due to a few reasons.  We find it very odd that you haven't played in forever then come back and instantly apply to teams.  Everybody has stuff irl (which is fine), but it's a very weird expectation to not be around for so long then apply for ranks.  

Yes, your English has improved immensely over your time on this server.  I have noticed this and i'm very happy for your success.  However, grammar is a tricky thing, and we want to see more on how well you've improved.  I personally would want to see a guide created from you to see your sentence structure/grammar now.  I sure don't mind helping edit or assisting with sentence structure/grammar if it leads to another editor joining the team.  With that said, it would also lead me and/or other editors to spending time working on that vs doing edits.  

I don't question your in-game knowledge, but just want to see more out of you prior to being accepted to the wiki team.  Another thing to keep in mind is, mainly for your edits, you'll be using html for creating pages and whatnot.

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