Wiki Application by: Adam
- In-game name: 

- Do you have any previous experience editing with html/BBcode?
I did have experience through School then through RS Wiki 

- Have you made any guides? If so Link them here.

Chaos Tunnels Tutorial
How to update ur game into a Old School Theme

- Why should we let you on the wiki team?
The reason that i applied today for the wiki team is because some pages I've been spending my time on the Wikipedia is that some pages are just outdated with some boss guides and always wanted to help with that extra needed. Im also a Veteran in-game and i am a server supporter.

- What do you think editing a wiki is all about?
Editing or creating a page is to make the players feel confident by using the equipment and writing is correct that matches through in-game and its mostly about having the ability to share our server's general knowledge for the public, that way new players wouldn't be misguided.

- Do you have anything else you would like to add to your application?
Also the premium chests page needs images which i would like to help to put them in there and also i'm more happy to create more guides/tutorial to make the players feel confident if this is correct/useful for them within the future that to show contribution towards the audience.

- Do you have a Discord account? (If not are you willing to make one)
Head Office#2350

Thanks for reading my application.
[Image: pAeyd1f.png]

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Having a great knowledge about English grammar and sentence structure is vital.  I and other editors could constantly double check all of your edits, but that would take away from edits to the wiki.  If we didn't do that, we could run into a ton of extra edits needed.  That is an important requirement to becoming an editor.  From what the team has seen, you still need to work on your sentence structure and grammar.  

We found it odd that on your app, under "why should we let you on wiki team", you put that you are a server supporter.  In the future, having x rank doesn't give special privileges to joining the team.  It's based purely on merit.

There are endless pages on the Wikipedia and yet so few editors.  It's not possible for us to maintain it all.  We ask if you see something incorrect, that you send it to an editor or use the forum section here:  Most of the time, people see very minor errors and it's just a matter of quickly editing that page.  

Best regards,
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