New Trial Moderator
Hello Everyone.

Today we are promoting [Image: server_support.png] Shirokurai to  [Image: 57xZdab.png]Trial Moderator.

Since Shiro was promoted to Server Support, he has been a great asset to the team and has given everything to it. Despite not having the ability to mute/jail he has managed to control situations when no other staff were present and has informed players who they should contact for other matters.

Congratulations Shiro and keep up the good work.

As with all promotions, Shiro will be on a 2 week trial period
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  â€¢ Psychodual, ShiroKurai
Finally a trial mod.
Grats man, I knew you'd be promoted eventually. It's just the matter of when.
Keep up the energy and hard work, it'll pay dues later.  Big Grin
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congrats Shiro, so well deserved Smile)
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  â€¢ ShiroKurai
Congratulations Shiro.
Well deserved!
[Image: pAeyd1f.png]


[Image: server_support.png]
• 10-07-2017 - 10-07-2017
• 07-05-2019 - Present

[Image: veteran.png]
•  2015 - Present

Middleman status

• 2018 - 30-12-2018
• 22-02-2019 - Present

Discord Achievements

[Image: SGVkiZ0.png]
• 29-05-2018 - 21-11-2018

[Image: W7LT7Ip.png]
• 22-11-2018 - Present

In-Game Achievements | Rewards
[Image: jTzBO8A.png] 
TokHaar-Jad ( reward on reporting a duplication )

[Image: UZR8mBA.png]
Bloodhound ( Elite Clue Scroll : 5 Done )
2018 - Present

[Image: 14YS4mU.png]
Corporeal Beast
156 KC

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  â€¢ ShiroKurai

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