I have been asking about swapping out for the past 6+ months, and everytime I have checked (atleast 5-10 times) swapping has been down, which was very upsetting, considering i spent all my money to swap out. And whenever I ask in the discord about it, I am always responding with I don't know when its going to be back up, even when it has been down for months. And to add on to that you guys have banned me for trying to reason with you guys to get it back online. Which is laughable.

I responded to a guy that told me I was asking dumb questions, didn't even flame him just asked him how the question I asked was dumb, then I got banned on discord
As you've been told on discord , swapping opened and closed at least twice, if not 3 times during times you had pmed me to swap in the past. No, I did not directly PM you because when swapping is open I get hundreds of PM's. Instead, an @everyone announcement was made. If you weren't around during that time then there is nothing I can do about it and no, it's not my fault. 

You have been advised countless times to sell your tokens for ingame go and buy rsgp via an OMM, why you haven't done so is still confusing to me. 

Re your ban, you were banned for continuously mentioning the topic any time you're 'active' within the server despite the !swap command mentioning it being closed and no announcement to mention it has opened. You can appeal your discord ban here : https://forum.etherumps.com/forum-115.html

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