Game Update - 08/29/2019 - New Fun World!
[Image: CQCH2gL.png]

Hello Guys!

Today we are launching a new game world, the world 2!
Many risky and huge updates were performed and we needed a way to test them properly, so the world 2 will be used to test updates before pushing them to world 1.

Fun World

In order to log-in on the fun world, you may just switch your current world at log-in screen

[Image: BXvhEd4.png]

In order to join the world 2, all you need is to log-in with your world 1 username and password, however you MUST be logged on world 1 in a another client in order to join the world 2.

The fun world will provide tons of points gain boosts and changed game mechanics.
The account rank and play-time will be cloned from world 1 once you login for the first time.
It's important to mention that world 2 progress will never be transferred to world 1, it's way easier to obtain levels and items on that world.

It's required to update the client in order to log-in on world 2 (restart the client to update to version 36.7)

Every 24 hours of game activity on this world, you receive 5K premium points on both worlds!


Drop rates are improved by 60% (Invisible buff)
2x Experience rate
2x Slayer Points
6x Vote Points
3x Blood money
3x PK points
4x Premium Points (for world 1 donations)
8x contest coins rewards.
Improved adventurer's patch rewards.

[Image: FmHZy90.png]
[Image: rOP6USl.png]


Every 30 minutes server will add 3B coins to PK reward pot.
Killing a target will reward the total of pot coins / 100 (Meaning that a 15B pot rewards 150M coins per kill)
[Image: GiQAmVL.png]
Killing a target will reward premium points!
The PK tournament rewards were improved a lot!

[Image: 5VYoLYG.png][Image: owetW0e.png][Image: nTejQTX.png][Image: oDa4ER3.png]


2x Experience Rate
Improved skilling tournament rewards

[Image: wKenFNz.png][Image: PdaHY09.png][Image: jzMSVb7.png][Image: xHWXEZk.png]


The bosses 10th kill count achievements will now also reward premium points:

Every 1,000 kills = 100,000 Premium Points.
Every 100 kills = 10,000 Premium Points
Every 50 kils = 5,000 Premium Points
Every 10 kills = 1,000 Premium Points

The usual coins rewards are now 3x higher on this world.

Vote & Donation

Once a player redeem a vote or donation on world 1, those donations become available to be redeemed on world 2 as well.

All donations will reward 4x more premium points on this world.
All votes will reward 6x more points on this world.

Note: Some players that have donated yesterday may already be able to redeem on world 2


Gambling rank is enabled for all players.
Two daily drop parties happens daily. (1 hour after the world's one)
The game will deposit 4 Grand Chests and 4 Gold Chests rewards everyday on drop party chest!
The game will deposit a random premium chest into Activity Reward collection every 2 hours!.
The game will reset everyone's totem cool down timer every 2 hours. (For online players)

------------------------------ End of World 2 Features ------------------------------

Game Zoom

The client zoom system was greatly improved! Players can now zoom out much futher without issues that used to happen before.

Game Updates

Now lets talk about the updates that will arrive on world 1 once they are tested on the test world.

Alchemical Hydra


You can teleport to the new Hydra boss by opening the world map (or ctrl + T key comb) and clicking on the bosses tele -> Hydra.

[Image: PHkCSa1.png]

You will end up near the alchemic door that leads to where the Alchemical Hydra is.
[Image: GK5jEyA.png]


Entering the Hydra area requires 95 slayer.
[Image: EjwsXh8.png]
Entering an instance will cost you 5m.
[Image: 2LJlE5e.png]

  1. Ironmen will get to pay 250k, HC ironmen will get to pay 25k.
  2. Once entered you can not leave through the door again, you can only tele/tab away.
  3. The respawn timer for Hydra Is 25 seconds.
Attack phases

Similar to the Nex boss, Hydra has 4 attack phases. The Alchemical Hydra has a total of 1100  HP, every 1/4th (275 hp per phase) it changes from phase/color.

At the start of each phase, it has a 75% damage reduction, which can be removed if it is lured  over a vent on the floor which spews chemical liquid. If you don’t use the vents, Hydra’s  damage is increased by 50%.
When the Alchemical Hydra reaches 75%, 50% or 25% of its health, it will lose one of its heads  and changes phase.

The damage reduction is reapplied, and so it should be lured over the next vent.

It also has special attacks for each phase: poison pools when green and black, electricity  when blue and fire when red. These special attacks can be avoided, but they can be  devastating if dealt with carelessly. 

The special is always used as 10th attack of the phase.

1st phase (1100- 825 hp): Green Phase -> make the Hydra run over the red vent to lower its  defence and deal full potential damage to it.

2nd phase (825-550 hp): Blue Phase -> make the hydra run over the green vent to lower its  defence and deal full potential damage to it.

3rd phase (550-275 hp): Red Phase -> make the hydra run over the blue vent to lower its  defence and deal full potential damage to it.

4th phase (275-0 hp): Black Phase -> no vent necessary, your damage is at full potential  without it being on a vent.

NOTE: Melee is weaker against Hydra, similar to the Vorkath boss.
NOTE: Every 3rd attack Hydra switches attack style between range and mage.
Example -> 3 ranged attacks -> 3 mage attacks -> 3 ranged attacks -> 3 mage attacks ->  …

New unique drops

[Image: 2X0DfLW.png]

Hydra bones -> burying the bones will give you 64k prayer exp, using the bones on altar will  give you 128k prayer exp, which makes the bones slightly better than Zogre bones.
Ironmen will get 42266 exp on altar & 21333 exp per bury.
HCIM will get 25600 exp on altar & 12800 exp per bury.

Hydra's Eye
Combine the Hydra’s Eye + Hydra’s Fang + Hydra’s Heart to form a Brimstone ring.

Hydra’s Fang
Combine the Hydra’s Fang + Hydra’s Eye + Hydra’s Heart to form a Brimstone ring.

Hydra’s Heart
Combine the Hydra’s Heart + Hydra’s Eye + Hydra’s Fang to form a Brimstone ring.

Hydra Tail
Combine with the dragonbone necklace and bonecrusher to create the bonecrusher necklace.

Alchemical Hydra Heads
Combine the Alchemical Hydra Head with a Full Slayer helmet to make a Hydra Slayer Helmet

Hydra Leather
Can be crafted into a Ferocious Gloves, requires 1 neddle and 500 thread.

Hydra’s Claw
The Hydra’s Claw can be combined with the Zamorakian hasta to create the dragon hunter  lance.

New items

Brimstone ring
The Brimstone ring is a ring created by combining three untradeable components - the  hydra's eye, fang and heart.
The ring has no requirements to wear and provides the combined offensive stats of the  un-imbued archers, berserker, warrior, seers, treasonous, and tyrannical rings, as well as  additional defensive stats. The Brimstone ring cannot be imbued.

Ferocious Gloves

[Image: 3RyXsv9.png]

Hydra Slayer Helmet

[Image: gY8lgNj.png]

Dragon Hunter Lance

[Image: U0mE0zC.png]

Action System

A new system to perform actions (loop events) was created, it's now being used on Hydra and Herblore skill, however its important to test as it's a really risky update due to the deep level of programming procedues that it uses.

Item System

The whole game inventory system was reworked, that means that over 10,000 item references in the codes were changed, over six hundred of classes!
There's no much to talk about it, since the effects of this update is more on the background, however this is the most risky update and the main reason that world 2 was created.

The items in-game can have unique configuration|information|settings even tho they have the same ID.

meaning that we could add custom stat to a single player AGS while the other would remain with original stats.
we can now apply corruption per item, instead of global based on item ID.
we can now create virtual inventories, that cannot interact with real game world, allowing us to spawn items on player's account, such as weapon game and many other future minigames, with no risk of those items being smuggled away, since they are contained in a fake | virtual inventory.
now creating systems that require item transfer (trade, stake, bank, price checker, drop party chest, etc) with a single line of coded, very well tested and dupe risk free, before creating such thing was always a new risk of dupes!


We are starting to work on Raids, and since it requires Herblore skill, the skill was rewritten from scratch.
The experiences were taken from RuneScape and multiplied by 20, meaning that now actually making the potions will reward more experience than simply buying grimy herbs from store and spamming the last inventory item for an absurd amount of experience.

  • Turmoil have now the same buffs as Piety at wilderness.
  • Fixed players teleporting to target getting stuck at KBD entrance.
  • Fixed Life Points reducing too early compared to hitmarks appearing delay.
  • Activity Rewards should no longer repeateadly give rewards to the same players.
  • A delay to fruit batch 10 seconds warning message was added to avoid too much spamming.
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Awesome update Pb, Great job.
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Turmoil have now the same buffs as Piety at wilderness.


Nicely done, thanks for the Fun World and exclusive and cool stuff !

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