Game Update - 09-25-19
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Hello guys!

Today we are releasing some huge changes performed, that were being tested on world 2 for quite a few weeks, along with that we have some other news!

Hydra + Item Container System + New Herblore

Show ContentHydra + Herblore:

Money Pouch

The pouch can hold up to 500B now.

The initial limits were adjusted to:

50B - Regular
70B - Donator
100B - Super donator
200B - Extreme Donator

The pouch upgrade limit was increased to 30, and it now upgrades pouch by 10B rather than 5B, allowing players to upgrade by up to extra 300B.

PS: The player owned shop max item price was adusted to 500B.

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Dragon Hunter Lance

Just some extra highlights on the dragon hunter lance:

It provides 10% better max hit compared to vine whip on the following monsters:
Dragons, Cerberus, Wyverns, Hydra.

The Dragon hunter lance acts as a zamorakian hasta, meaning you can use it against Corporeal Beast, Cerberus and it's also effective against Hydra.

Flask Store

The flask store has a limit of 100 daily potions for extreme donators.

Ring of Wealth (i)

Ring of Wealth (i) drop boost was improved by 10X compared to before!

Row (i) has been fixed. It now (should) collect all coins. It also increases pet chance by 5%.

Bug Fixes

  • Master cape hoods can now be worn.
  • Statius set is now spelled correctly at premium shop.
  • Ancestral now required 75 magic and 65 defence to be equipped
  • Primordial, Pegasian and Eternal boots now require 75 strength and 75 defence, 75 mage and 75 defence and 75 range and 75 defence respectively to be worn.
  • Desert Strykewyrms now give slayer exp
  • You can now tan 'x' and tan 'all' all types of leather at the tanner.
  • Tanning and crafting interface are now changed to the new interface. 
  • Fixed a bug where crafting leather did not require any crafting level.
  • Fixed a bug where items looted at ::party were not appearing in inventory
  • Pk and Skilling Tournaments now end on Sundays at 7pm GMT
  • The hourly boosts now change on the hour and won't change time every day. The Wiki team will have an up to date list of those hours shortly on this wiki page
  • The quest cape emote now works properly.
  • Players can no longer wear items or have a familiar when prestiging.
  • Snowman pet can now be unlocked in the pet interface
  • A typo was fixed in one of the wildywyrms spawn messages.
  • Nex no longer respawns with only three quaters health.
  • New should no longer randomly die upon respawn.
  • You can no longer attack nex or the blood reavers (or be attacked by them) while you're at the Nex bank area
  • 'Grinder' task on Adventuers path now rewards 50m for Ironmen and 2.5m for Hardcore Ironmen
  • Kalphite Queen pet unlock killcount requirement was reduced to 2500. Now only the second phase Kalpite Queen is available in the pet inferace, but can be metamorphosised into the first phase Kalphite Queen pet.
  • An issues with items disappearing from the OSRS salesman tab was fixed.
  • Both Ironmen and Hardcore Ironmen can now buy items from the Salesman
  • An inccorect hammer ID in the 'skiller' preset of new accounts was corrected.
  • Using glories on each other no longer combines the charges.
  • Skilling points are no longer effected by XP boosts
  • A bug charging noted glories at the fountain was corrected.
  • The smithing exp gained from mining with Inferal tools has been doubled.
  • Mbystery boxes no longer drop to the ground when dying to an NPC, instead they will go to grim reaper.
  • You can now mine shooting stars with inferal pickaxes
  • Banshee pet can now be consumed to the pet interface.
  • The blue damaged book from ::pksupply can now be equipped.
  • A spelling mistake at Vorkath has been corrected.
  • The command ::votingrewards now displays voting streak rewards interface.
  • Equipping and unequipping easter ring no longer causes an issue with certain emotes.
  • A bug with the 'long life' task has been fixed. 
  • HP exp will no longer reset to 13m exp after resetting/changing one of your skills, unless you don't have enough overall trained exp
  • Entering your bank pin in a trade/stake/gamble interface will now close the interface for both players.
  • Dharoks accuracy has been increased. The lower your hp the higher the accuracy.
  • Extreme magic potion and imbued heart no longer stack.
  • Reset lamp was removed from voting store.
  • Row (i) has been fixed. It now (should) collect all coins. Row (i) now correctly increases pet chance by 5%

New Trade System
A new Trade System will be pushed on world 2 for testing!

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That's it for today! However we have some news about Raids coming next! Wink

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so crazy update!!! :O keep working on that! Smile
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nice update!!
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Wow, ton of great updates. I'm more excited about the server events being fixed.. less work to maintain the boost page now lol

Well done
Cool update
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Awesome fixes and a great update
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ngl this is dope only thing is it seems brimstone ring is kinda useless, but veryyyy nice update pb good work
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Awesome update Pb, Great Job.
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Thought this update would contain 3 pages of cool stuff Tongue
Thank you once again for a lovely update! <3 <3 <3
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nice update Big Grin

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