Banner Contest (BIG PRIZES)
Hey everyone! 
We haven't done any type of graphics contest in a long time, so the media team teamed up with the wiki team to get someone to make a Christmas themed banner for the Wikipedia. 

Now this won't be a completely new banner, we would like you to use the current one but transform it into Christmas banner.

The contest winner will be rewarded:
  • Extreme donator on one chosen account (not the ticket)
  • Vine Whip 
  • Torva Set
  • Dragon Claws
  • Armadyl Godsword

How to participate?
Comment on this thread if you're participating.
Download the current banner:
Transform it into a Christmas banner.
Don't put your tag on it.
Send the banner & psd/other program files to Jaiz#6085 & Dannyx#5858 on discord.

Entries close on the 20th of November, 11:59pm GMT


The current banner link:
Whats inside the link:[Image: tMWxPnT.png]

[Image: 3Mcbveo.png]

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Old Signatures
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Ingame Administrator Discord Manager / Spectrum Advisor/ OMM Leader Media Manager
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I'll be participating.
Lets have fun and good luck to all the other designers!
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Well I'll try
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I will try this one.

lets try
Thank you to everyone who entered this contest and good luck. Entries are now closed. The Wikipedia team will now discuss all entries and pick a winner shortly.
[Image: tE95ycU.png]
[Image: YTOqpaU.png]

~Sigs made by Valar~
Winner: Valar with [Image: NEWETH4.png]

Thank you to everybody who participated in this event.  I'll be looking into getting more seasonal logos down the road.  Below are the other entries that we received.  

Flossydevil: [Image: etherum_banner.png]

Jack: [img][/img]

Edwin: [Image: banner.png]

Azalea: [Image: Chirstmas_2020_azalea.png]

Meistars: [Image: wAxn6pF.png]

Psychodual: [Image: Etherum3.gif]

Thank you all who participated and look forward to you all being involved in our next contest.
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