Banner Contest (BIG PRIZES)
Hey everyone! 
We haven't done any type of graphics contest in a long time, so the media team teamed up with the wiki team to get someone to make a Christmas themed banner for the Wikipedia. 

Now this won't be a completely new banner, we would like you to use the current one but transform it into Christmas banner.

The contest winner will be rewarded:
  • Extreme donator on one chosen account (not the ticket)
  • Vine Whip 
  • Torva Set
  • Dragon Claws
  • Armadyl Godsword

How to participate?
Comment on this thread if you're participating.
Download the current banner:
Transform it into a Christmas banner.
Don't put your tag on it.
Send the banner & psd/other program files to Saim#0658 & Dannyx#5858 on discord.


The current banner link:
Whats inside the link:[Image: tMWxPnT.png]

[Image: 3Mcbveo.png]

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Ingame Administrator Discord Manager / Spectrum Advisor/ OMM Leader Media Manager
The following 3 users say Thank You to Saim for this post:
  â€¢ Dragenforce2, Psychodual, Sma11zplz
I'll be participating.
Lets have fun and good luck to all the other designers!
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