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ign: saiyan
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ign: r3wr
Looks good, I'm in!
IGN: Pumpkin
IGN: Baqqqqqq
Ign: Dour
IGN :Marco850
First round brackets can be found here: and will be updated throughout the tournament

Good luck everyone.
The event is now over and this is how the brackets unfolded. 
[Image: AH8mvTJ.png]

Congratulations to your prize winners:

1st Place - Arcane
[Image: 0vJ4eOt.png]

2nd Place - Rich
[Image: 9TcefAe.png]

3rd Place - Matt
[Image: 31iJ5JW.png]

4th Place - Ltufriend2

[Image: R0s2HXH.png]
The following 2 users say Thank You to Jaiz for this post:
  â€¢ aquile50, Arcane

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