New Moderator Promotion
Hello Everyone,

Today we have a long overdue promotion on our hands. We would like to welcome [Image: PBUhZ2I.png]Shirokurai to the moderator team. Shiro has done an exceptional job since being promoted to Trial mod and has handled situations extremely well. Congratulations Shiro.

As with all promotions, Shiro will be on a 2 week trial period.
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[Image: fozkR8t.png]

Well deserved and congratulations on your promotion!
[Image: pAeyd1f.png]


[Image: server_support.png]
• 10-07-2017 - 10-07-2017
• 07-05-2019 - Present

[Image: veteran.png]
•  2015 - Present

Middleman status

• 2018 - 30-12-2018
• 22-02-2019 - Present

Discord Achievements

[Image: SGVkiZ0.png]
• 29-05-2018 - 21-11-2018

[Image: W7LT7Ip.png]
• 22-11-2018 - Present

In-Game Achievements | Rewards
[Image: jTzBO8A.png] 
TokHaar-Jad ( reward on reporting a duplication )

[Image: UZR8mBA.png]
Bloodhound ( Elite Clue Scroll : 5 Done )
2018 - Present

[Image: 14YS4mU.png]
Corporeal Beast
156 KC

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congrats shirO
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gz my babe
Good to see you excel further through the ranks. I like the way you take initiative when you were a Trial Moderator, and I hope you'll continue to do so with an even bigger role. Congratulations, Ash. Smile
[Image: mummaspoop.png]
Congrats Ash, you have been doing a great job till now.
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