Game Update - 10-22-19
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Hey Guys, 
today we are comming with some small however effective updates!
In the meanwhile Raids and Halloween event is being worked on!

Premium Chest Rewards

The premium chest system has been slighly adjusted to provide some chance boosts.

Now every time that a player doesn't receive any higher tier than current opened chest, a boost for the next roll will be gained.


Bronze Chest: 1%
Silver Chest: 2%
Gold Chest: 3%
Grand Chest: 5%

[Image: rA166Ja.png]

The interface can also be opened from Desk tab.

Trade Screen

The new trade system is now being released! This trade system uses the new container system, it's more safe and it's now impossible to cause item loss in case server crash during a player trade (yeh it could happen before)

Players are now able to transfer any amount of money straight from the pouch!

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[Image: GHi90S5.png]

  • Dragon dagger special accuracy boost was reduced from 40% to 25% to be like OSRS.
  • Fixed the life points reducing before damage has reached on the player.
Combat Stats

Like a RuneLite feature, players can toggle HP and Prayer stats near the Inventory borders.

[Image: h4qshve.png]
[Image: YygfzrU.png]

It's also possible to toggle resizeable mode opacity

[Image: hLomeP4.png]

Special Orb

The special orb was also added to the client, it will display current special with no option to click!
It will display the value in red in case the special amount is lower than last used weapon special requirenment.

The special orb will glow every 25% or whenever it recovers up to the minimum amount of the weapon.

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[Image: FIciLA4.png]

  • The Vote Penalty is now capped at 3 max.
  • Akrisae (vote store person) can now completely reset your penalties for 50m coins.
  • Fixed catched impling jars not updating on inventory.
  • Fixed the 'full inventory message' when multiple trying to catch an item.
  • Fixed a Rune Pouch and Pos Issue that allowed to dupe and smuggle.
  • Unfinished snapdragon potion level requirenment was fixed.
  • Fixed scroll puzzles not working.
  • Fixed players not being able to enter dwarf mine with proper items.
  • Hydra was added to activity tracker.

Future updates

While Raids is under development, I'll also be working to bring some more unique and custom updates!

PvP tournament should be the next one!

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Looking great!
Keep it up
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looks lit still waiting for raid Big Grin
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Looks great PB, new trade interface is probably my favourite part of this update. Looking forward to the event and raids.
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no cap this is probably the best update you've done in a while, very well done Big Grin
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Awesome update PB!

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Amazing update as always Pb. The new trade screen is game changing and unique - amazing work. Looking forward to the PvP tournament!
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