Game Update - 28-10-19
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Hey guys! Today we are bringing some small but cool updates!


The PK kill reward cap was increased on PK reward pot.
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Kill Rewards

The target kill random reward system was adjustetd and rewards improved.

Upon target kills, the server will decide wether or not the player will receive a special reward.

This first roll works as following:


Default chance: 20%

Those aspects bellow will boost the reward rolling chances

Red skull: 15%
Black skull: 10%
White skull: 5%

Kill streak 10+: 15%
Kill streak 5+: 5%

10+ players in wild: 10%
5+ players in wild: 5%

Meaning that a player on 10 kill streaks and red skull while wilderness has 10 players or more, will have 60% of chance of rolling a special reward!

Tier rolling

At tier rolling stage, server already has decided that player may get a tier reward, now it's time to decide which tier will be rolled.

Tier Chances

1 - 70%
2 - 50%
3 - 35%
4 - 10%
5 - 5%
6 - 1.5%
7 - 0.3%


Red skull gives a 5% boost
Player Kill count here provides a big boost to players

Kill Count Boost: (kill-count * 50) / 10,000


2,000 kills = 10% boost
5,000 kills = 25% boost
10,000 kills = 50% boost

So considering that tier 5 has 5% chances, and player has 50% boost, the tier 5 will now have 7.5% of chances.


Each tab is a 'tier'

[Image: Es4kyQa.png]

Collection Logs
  • Venenatis was added to collections log
  • Sea Troll queen was added to collections log
  • WildyWyrm was added to collections log
  • Vet'ion was added to collections log
  • Ava's were added to collections log
  • Some Revenants were added to collections log
  • Gold Whip was added to the logs of dagannoth kings.
  • Impling Jars was added to collections log
[Image: lgFZeSd.png]

Squeal of Fortune

Squeal of Fortune has now a quick mode, that instantaneously shows the gained item.

[Image: mADahjo.gif]

Player Owned Shop

Player owned shop has two new settings to configure sell and buy confirmations.

Buy confirmation appears in the following cases:
  • Purchases over 1b value.
  • Items that are over 60% of market price.
  • Amount of items purchased above 50K
[Image: gEZDtMN.gif]

Ground Items highlight

[Image: v1OfBN2.png]

You can adjust your min value to become red on the console by typing 'Ground-Min-Value' followed by the amount:
[Image: otGhDr3.png]

  • Now players must be within 1 distance from other player to be able to trade.
  • Sea Troll Queen was added to boss teleports.
  • ::wild command was added, it takes to the same place as activity teleport.
  • ::redeemdonation command was added.
  • Fixed Pink elegant shirt appearance.
  • The ::trademe will show the rewarded coins as it would be dispalyed in pouch (to avoid 2147 trick)
  • [Image: lCqPQSr.png]
  • Zulrah's phase change will no longer cancel player's attack, and any damage hitsplash will be delayed to when it spawns back.
  • Non donators no longer can use donator tab features (when logging off from a donator account)
  • The potion purchase limit was incrased back from 50 to 500.
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Great updates, pb
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Good update.
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Great update, Pb. Good to see some PK love being shown.
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keep it up brother
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very good update Big Grin

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