Game Update - 30-10-2019
Hey Guys, 

Slightly unofficial update notes. This post will mainly server as a guide for the hween event. 

The event starts in Catherby, you must board the south most ship at the docks. You will need Melee, Range and Mage to complete this event along with a special attack weapon. For a full guide join ::discord and go to #Bot_channel. 

Along with the event, In-game staff will be spawning Vampyres which drop Soul Fragments and a boss (Nazastrarool) which requires multiple players for it to be kill. Nazastrarool will drop many hween related items

Vampyres require you to have a stake and hammer (got from the monk west of ::home) in your inventory before you can kill them!

Soul fragments can be used to buy items from the Grim Reaper, north east of the GE , see his shop here:  [Image: JjD8dxM.png]

There are new items in the 'event' tab at the vote store

[Image: yubJ42N.png]

There are also 2 new sets available from the premium store: 

[Image: dU8dzOM.png]
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