Website Maintenance & small updates
Hi guys,

It's been quite some time that I've actually posted on those forums!
I hope you're all doing well, I btw am your web developer that develops and maintains the website.
Today lots of maintenance has been done to the web server, lots of things you guys won't really notice, but some that you might.

* The servers were all updated, they had not been updated for a really long time, this caused the website to be offline for 30 minutes a few hours ago. It took that long, because there were a lot of updates that had to be done. Luckily it came back online and I could finish the updates.
* Old php versions were replaced by the new ones that are also officially supported (probably not something you'll notice, other than the website working as it should)
* Some small tweaks on the homepage that you might've noticed, new logo was added, also some snow was added to get into the christmas fibes and a lot of small other changes I gathered from the staff.

Everything should be working as it should, if it doesn't please let me know on discord by tagging me @jordy I'll try to resolve them as quickly as possible for you!

Next week I'll do some minor tweaks to the forums and possibly more bigger updates coming soon, I'm still discussing with Pb what we're exactly going to be doing.

Thanks for reading and I'll talk to you guys soon! Oh and ofcourse sorry for the disruptance if you've encountered any.

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Welcome back jordy Big Grin I believe you do a good job!!
Good to see you back, Good update.
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Good to see you're still alive Jordy, nice work as always!
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Good to see you back Jordy. Looking forward to the other updates aswell. Big Grin
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Welcomeback hun
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