Outfit Contest #20
Christmas Outfit Event!

What is ' Outfit Contest ' ?

Outfit Contest is an event where you dress up and compete on another people and win prizes.

How to participate?

Required is to join the Etherum's discord server to message me. If you haven't yet by clicking this here 
Etherum Discord Server <

Entries can be sent into my Discord Messages.

Once you have joined the discord, look for my name and right click it then message me the outfit. I am always on DnD but i am always looking at messages.

[Image: 96Zk4ZY.png]

This is how you take a photo. Make sure you put " #OC 20 " anywhere on the photo, this is just an example of what it should look like this

[Image: DuZNtcG.png]

This Month's theme is : Christmas ! BUT THERE IS A TWIST ! - There isn't Big Grin

This rewards will be sorta similar to the Lottery back then where we had Jackpots, then placings!

Jackpot - Will be picked by the host

[Image: W8lSnnm.png]
Abyssal Vine Whip

[Image: mkTmgns.png]
Torva Set + Dragon Claws

[Image: UYKynTG.png]
Ganodermic Set + Polypore

[Image: 1Eky4oK.png]
Christmas Cracker + Max Cash + Colored Partyhat + Teamcape X

Taking Entries 30/11/2019
Closed Entries 26/12/2019

Good Luck!

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